MuchMusic VJ Search has a WILDE ending

On April 26, I covered the MuchMusic VJ Search finale live in Toronto. After an entire month that consisted of a crazy roadtrip and camping out in the Much headquarters, it all came to an end, with Montreal’s Chloe  Wilde claiming the coveted title of the newest Much VJ!

There’s nothing like experiencing such a heart stopping, nail-biting, edge of your seat moment in person. It was an extremely exciting time for Chloe who repeatedly said, “I feel like I’m in a dream” during the following moments after she won. She’ll definitely have to get use to this, because as host Lauren said, “Chloe’s life is going to change dramatically”.

You can check out my article on for the full story and interviews with Chloe, her mentor Liz and the show’s host Lauren. But I’ll leave you with my favourite quote of the night from Liz Trinnear:

“When they said Chloe’s name, I relived all of the emotions I had when I won the VJ search. Because I know exactly what it means to be announced as the next MuchMusic VJ. It’s one of those things that change your world, but in all the best ways. Chloe’s worked so hard, showed us she’s professional, she’s sophisticated, yet so quirky and bubbly and great on air, she definitely deserves this. She took my advice but ultimately it was Chloe who got herself the job.”

Liz is such a sweetheart! In the meantime check out my photos from the exciting day:








Shawn Desman “Alive” Movie Premiere

On February 1, I had the opportunity to attend the red carpet premiere for Shawn Desman’s movie Alive.

Scored with songs from his new record, Alive follows the ups and downs of a small town dancer who moves to the big city to pursue her dreams.

It was a short and sweet film, that had an inspirational theme, amazing dance scenes and of course a great soundtrack.

Read my full movie review on here.

Check out the pictures I was able to capture on the red carpet:


Shawn Desman and lead Kaitlyn Leeb.


The cast.


The cast with director RT! and producer Katrina.

You can catch the film airing on MuchMusic at 7pm on Tuesday, February 5 (the day Shawn’s studio album also comes out!)

Look out for my review of the film on


The Big Jingle

Thanks to AstroKik I was able to attend MuchMusic’s The Big Jingle for free and with great seats! (Section 118 holla).

My sister’s camera didn’t do its duty well this time (I’m blaming it on the lighting and fog effects), so for a rare night I saw a concert through my own eyes instead of a camera screen. I was able to fully enjoy the concert, dance around (during breaks they hosted dance parties), scream as loud as I can and of course swoon over the good looking performers.

It was a great concert and awesome that Canada had a Jingle themed concert to call their own this year.

Below are some of the decent pictures I did capture for your viewing pleasure:

Shawn Desman had the crowd singing “Dum Da Dum”:

Sky Blu party rocked solo but confirmed that LMFAO is reunited and back together (…Yeah, I didn’t know they were separated to begin with).IMG_6322

Rising Texan popstar Austin Mahone made his first trip to Canada a big one.IMG_6323


While Cody Simpson took the stage for the second night in a row after making a surprise guest appearance at Bieber’s show the night before.IMG_6373

Carly Rae Jepsen was greeted by tons of “Call Me Maybe” signs.IMG_6406

Simple Plan brought the nostalgia playing old hits along with their new songs. It also rained giant beach balls during “Summer Paradise” (which was awesome).IMG_6426

And the British band everyone was waiting for closed the show. The Wanted! IMG_6438




This is the third time I’ve seen them live, and if there’s one thing you learn about the five piece boyband, is that they are extremely interactive with their fans. Always pointing and making eye contact with fans during their performance. But no one would have expected this:IMG_6458Yup, that’s a sea of fan girls swarming the boys who are barely identifiable in the mob. It started off with one girl being pulled onto the catwalk to dance with the band, only to have more pulled onstage, only to have everyone on the floor do all that they can to climb on themselves. The Wanted actually embraced this and enjoyed being swarmed, unlike other performers who, let’s admit, would fear for their safety and get security in there asap.

Overall it was a great experience, can’t wait for next year! Hopefully there IS a next year.