Weird Summer Life Hacks Tested!

I can seriously never get sick of life hack videos. Which is a good thing because I swear every Youtuber and their mother has created one! So I figured it’s about time I jump on this train and create my own. And while I was looking for some super cool new unique life hacks that no one has ever heard of (yes, I attempted to do the impossible) I came across some very interesting… okay they were just plain WEIRD life hacks that I haaaad to test out! And so a new video was born…er, created! Enjoy! 😀

‘Tis the season for Spring Cleaning! DIY Room Organization and Storage Ideas

It’s that time of year! Which for me is like every month because my room gets real messy real FAST. Sorry mom.
Today I’ve got a new video where I’m sharing some DIY Room Decor ideas that’ll help get your room clean and organized without spending too much money. And by too much money I mean more than $10 because ain’t nobody got money for that, right? *Stay silent you trust fund kids*
Anyways hope you all enjoy the video below!


Started As A Blogger, Now I’m Here

…asked no one ever.

But like, if you stumble across this blog and see that the last post was back in March, you probably think one of those horrible things that make up the plot of horror/thriller/Liam Neeson movies happened to me, or you added my list to a long list of wannabe bloggers who gave up because they never received a free Triangl bikini.

So I’m here to let you (hey, mom!) know that I am alive and well and also that I do not give up (at least 22% of the time).

…still asked by no one ever, but I’m gonna answer it for my 46 year old self to look back and read about.

Well I quit my job to backpack Europe for three weeks (you’ll hear more about that later). But basically I cheated on blogging and fell in love with it’s step-sibling vlogging. That’s right, I’ve joined the Youtube side. They had cookies! (the good kind).

But in all seriousness, the reason this blog has been abandoned like a haunted house is because I’ve been putting all the free time I have left after successfully binge watching all three season of The Mindy Project, into creating Youtube videos!

The content still focuses on all things lifestyle, but I find it to be waaaay more engaging than a simple blog post. I enjoy it, viewers (seem to) enjoy it, so I’m not jumping off this Youtube train yet. Plus in the short time I’ve been on it and with the very few videos I’ve uploaded, I’ve seen a response so incredible response I couldn’t have imagined (wow, the cheese is real for that one line).
Picture 246

I’m 21 videos in (and like a good 3 or 4 are pure garbage) and yesterday I reached a milestone of ten freakin’ thousand subscibers. I know in the world of Youtube my 10, 000 is like a small town in America where everyone knows everyone’s name, ancestry and business, compared to the huge metropolitan sized army big Youtuber’s  have with their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of subscribers. But for a noob like me, I think it’s a pretty big deal so let me celebrate with an ice cream cone.

One of my videos reached 87, 000 views and counting (who knew people would want to watch me talk about my bathing suits?) and people have been like really, really nice in the comments. No haters yet, phew.
Picture 245

But the best thing about this whole Youtube journey? Being contacted by the one and only Much, a Canadian media powerhouse I’ve only been obsessed with since I was a preteen. I have no clue how they came across my tiny channel (back then I only had around 4k subscribers) but the rest is history and I’m now proud to say I’m an official Much Creator (which is basically the next best thing to a VJ). So what can you expect? More content from me, featured on (*screams internally*), and apparently some other cool opportunities in the future. So far, they’ve made me into a GIF. Looking kinda derpy, but that’s besides the point. I’M A GIF GUYS.
naomi leanage

So yeah, that’s about it for this update. I’ve been keeping this whole Youtube thing on the down low, with only a very, very, few close friends knowing about. Hence, why I chose the Youtube channel name Naomi Elle (Elle as in L as in L for Leanage). I’m still shy about putting myself out there on the internet and having people I know in real life see my stuff, so for now, this is a little secret only you and I know about. And of course any creepers who google my name.

xo Naomi

Faze Magazine’s Be Extraordinary Event + Giveaway

What I love about Faze, (the company I’ve been interning at for the past year and a half) is that they don’t only create great magazines for teens and young adults in Canada, but they also host amazing events for girls in Toronto! Every live Faze event usually includes celebrity guests and performers, hair and make-up stations, inspiring public speakers and of course prizes and swag bags! Their last event, on November 3, had an added super-fun element: a fashion show! Students who aspire to be stylists from school’s in the Greater Toronto Area put together a number of different looks for varying occasions. From the concertgoer to life of the party to the athlete, every style was covered!



Each look was judged by a panel of professionals including celebrity stylist and make-up artist Paul Venoit, fashion industry expert Gail McInnes, Degrassi star Jessica Tyler, fashion designer Cara Cheung, fashion expert Annie-Claude Touzin and Faze superstylist Carolee Custus.


While the fashion show was a sight to see, singers and musicians including Vita Chambers, Tyler Shaw and Max Rivers gave performances that were amazing to hear.



Picture 201

You may enter a Faze event empty handed but that’s definitely not how you leave. With so many amazing on-stage prizes ($400 Sennheiser headphones, hello!) every girl is bound to feel like it’s Christmas already. Upon leaving, attendees were also handed amazing swag bags with some of the hottest products.

Picture 136

Luckily for you readers, I’m giving away a SUPER swag bag, valued at over $75 that consists of not only Faze swag from this event but events that passed.


This amazing swag bag worth over $75 contains:
-Your choice of a copy of Faze Magazine (choose from Shay Mitchell, Ed Sheeran, Cody Simpson, Marianas Trench, Austin Mahone, Olly Murs and Shawn Desman)
-Covergirl flamed out mascara, shadow pot eyeshadow and smoochies lip balm
-New York Color curling mascara, duo eyeliner, liquid lipshine, city proof lipgloss, IndividualEyes eyeshadow, Sun n’Bronze bronzing powder, Smooth Skin perfecting primer and Color Wheel mosaic face powder
-2 imPRESS press-on manicure sets
-BCBGeneration key chain
-Goody clip-in hair chain
-2 So…? body fragrances in Kiss Me and Fab
-Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion
-Almay intense i-color shadow stick
-Forever 21 earrings
-Charlotte Russe necklace
-Mod de Dim tights
-Broadway real life nails
-Fashion Diva nail kit

Entering is easy and takes two simple steps. Contest open worldwide. No purchase necessary.

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For more pictures from Faze’s Be Extraordinary event be sure to check out their website