April 2013 Playlist

This is new monthly post that I thought would be nice to start up.
Call me weird or call me a genius, but I like to organize my playlists on iTunes by the month and year. I’m someone who tends to listen to the same couple of songs for a good while, and they usually tend to last a month. So last year I shifted from categorizing my playlists by genre, to monthly mixes that feature a variety of artists. And from now on, I’ll share it with you all. I hope that at least one song will please your ears, because I literally listen to everything so I should have a good variety! Not all songs are going to be brand new, or chart toppers, there will be some way back playbacks.

Now for April’s playlist:

I Want Crazy – Hunter Hayes

Alive – Krewella

Girls Love Beyonce – Drake

Man on the Moon – Phillip Phillips

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Ft. Ray Dalton)

This Is What It Feels Like – Armin van Buuren (Ft. Trevor Guthrie)
Let me know if you enjoyed any of the songs, and what music is on your current playlist! Always love listening to new artists! :)

Alli Simpson Cover Shoot PLUS Giveaway

On Tuesday, March 26 Alli Simpson flew up to Toronto for a day full of press. But it’s undeniable that one of the most fun things on her to-do list for the day was her very first cover shoot for Faze Magazine!

The day started bright and early in the morning, and like any Faze shoot, we had awesome cupcakes!


Alli’s a brand ambassador for Broadway Nails, so of course we had to have them on set with us and their awesome designs!





It easy to see that Alli’s a natural on camera, can you believe she’s only 14?!



Overall the shoot was a great success. After getting her makeup and hair done, trying on many outfits, snacking on delicious food and of course posing for the camera, our Faze shoot came to a wrap. Alli definitely had an enjoyable time, can’t wait to see the final cover!

In the meantime I have a giveaway for all of your Simpson fans all around the world! I have five prize packs for you win that include a set of ImPRESS nails, and two copies of Faze Magazine one with Cody and one with Alli on the cover. During Alli’s interview she mentioned that her mom has Cody’s magazine cover framed in their house and is excited to put hers next to it. So cute!





TO ENTER all you have to do is: 

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite thing about either Alli or Cody is.


2. Tweet to @TwentiesGirl92 “Alli and Cody Simpson have my heart! #MagazineGiveaway”

And if one chance to win a prize pack doesn’t satisfy you, for bonus entries just:

1. Follow this blog (just scroll to the bottom and click)

2. Follow @fazemagazine on twitter!

3. Follow @twentiesgirl92 (for blog updates and more awesome contests)

4. Hec, why not follow me on twitter! (@Naomi_ML)

5. Follow @e_moments on twitter!

One entry per person (Maximum of 6 if you complete all of the bonus entries). Will ship worldwide.

The Big Jingle

Thanks to AstroKik I was able to attend MuchMusic’s The Big Jingle for free and with great seats! (Section 118 holla).

My sister’s camera didn’t do its duty well this time (I’m blaming it on the lighting and fog effects), so for a rare night I saw a concert through my own eyes instead of a camera screen. I was able to fully enjoy the concert, dance around (during breaks they hosted dance parties), scream as loud as I can and of course swoon over the good looking performers.

It was a great concert and awesome that Canada had a Jingle themed concert to call their own this year.

Below are some of the decent pictures I did capture for your viewing pleasure:

Shawn Desman had the crowd singing “Dum Da Dum”:

Sky Blu party rocked solo but confirmed that LMFAO is reunited and back together (…Yeah, I didn’t know they were separated to begin with).IMG_6322

Rising Texan popstar Austin Mahone made his first trip to Canada a big one.IMG_6323


While Cody Simpson took the stage for the second night in a row after making a surprise guest appearance at Bieber’s show the night before.IMG_6373

Carly Rae Jepsen was greeted by tons of “Call Me Maybe” signs.IMG_6406

Simple Plan brought the nostalgia playing old hits along with their new songs. It also rained giant beach balls during “Summer Paradise” (which was awesome).IMG_6426

And the British band everyone was waiting for closed the show. The Wanted! IMG_6438




This is the third time I’ve seen them live, and if there’s one thing you learn about the five piece boyband, is that they are extremely interactive with their fans. Always pointing and making eye contact with fans during their performance. But no one would have expected this:IMG_6458Yup, that’s a sea of fan girls swarming the boys who are barely identifiable in the mob. It started off with one girl being pulled onto the catwalk to dance with the band, only to have more pulled onstage, only to have everyone on the floor do all that they can to climb on themselves. The Wanted actually embraced this and enjoyed being swarmed, unlike other performers who, let’s admit, would fear for their safety and get security in there asap.

Overall it was a great experience, can’t wait for next year! Hopefully there IS a next year.



Victoria Duffield & Cody Simpson music video shoot

On what Victoria Duffield tells me is her and Cody Simpson’s only day off from touring, the two popstars spent it and most of the night (shooting was scheduled to go on until 5AM!) filming the music video for “They Don’t Know About Us”.  I was able to visit the set (at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto) for a couple hours for some behind the scenes coverage and an interview with both singers. P.S. Don’t you just love Victoria’s outfit? Her leather jacket was killer, and those high waisted ripped jeans? Talk about awesome. Cody was looking cool without even trying… as usual.

Check out the behind the scenes video I filmed and edited for Faze TV: