April 2013 Playlist

This is new monthly post that I thought would be nice to start up.
Call me weird or call me a genius, but I like to organize my playlists on iTunes by the month and year. I’m someone who tends to listen to the same couple of songs for a good while, and they usually tend to last a month. So last year I shifted from categorizing my playlists by genre, to monthly mixes that feature a variety of artists. And from now on, I’ll share it with you all. I hope that at least one song will please your ears, because I literally listen to everything so I should have a good variety! Not all songs are going to be brand new, or chart toppers, there will be some way back playbacks.

Now for April’s playlist:

I Want Crazy – Hunter Hayes

Alive – Krewella

Girls Love Beyonce – Drake

Man on the Moon – Phillip Phillips

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Ft. Ray Dalton)

This Is What It Feels Like – Armin van Buuren (Ft. Trevor Guthrie)
Let me know if you enjoyed any of the songs, and what music is on your current playlist! Always love listening to new artists! :)

Wearing overalls to the Justin Bieber concert

I was fortunate enough to grab floor seats for Justin Bieber’s sold out Believe tour stop in Toronto. I’m not qualified to be called a Belieber, but his tunes are catchy and his face is…hot! Nonetheless I was super excited to attend. And Justin’s tweets the day before like:

Picture 6

Picture 5

Picture 4

These tweets had me even more excited. What could the surprises be?! Justin, why are you doing this to me?! Were the thoughts floating through my head.

Now as with every concert, one of my biggest concerns was what to wear. I’d usually opt for a casually chic outfit, but this time an igenious idea popped into my head. One, that I’m surprised I actually went through with.

And that’s how it started, and how I ended up at the Justin Bieber concert dressed like this:


For those who live under a rock here’s the background to story as to why in the world I would decide to bring back an unflattering 90s fashion style that made me resemble the likes of Mary-Kate and Ashley in “It Takes Two”: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/fash-track/justin-bieber-wears-overalls-accept-394015

I’m not one for pulling off stunts like this but the amount of likes and applauding comments on facebook, twitter and instagram that I received when posting my pic before I left were reassuring.


And luckily I wasn’t dressed like this alone, I invited my friend Alex and her sister Kristina to join in. We arrived at the venue to be stared at like no tomorrow. I guess you could say we experience what it’s like to be a mega celebrity. Everywhere we walked throughout the Air Canada Centre heads turned, eyes glared, and lots of “omg I love your overalls!” “so creative” compliments came our way.

Picture 1

After the abundance of compliments and laughs we got, I’m definitely proud of my idea, and proud of the fact that we all pulled through with it! Thank goodness for Value Village and the people who donated their overalls to them!

As for the concert, Bieber definitely knows how to put on a show! With such great theatrics and props, not to mention a laser light show and fireworks, it was definitely one of the most entertaining concerts I’ve been to! Though from section B6 of the floor, you couldn’t see much, I have my sister’s glorious camera to thank for the amazing photos I captured:

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