Life With Boys set visit

A lot of work goes into making one 22 minute episode of your favourite television show, let me tell you.

And today I was able to witness first hand all of it when I visited the set of Life With Boys in downtown Toronto.

Life With Boys is a Canadian teen sitcom (the #1 show on YTV this Fall) created by Michael Poryes who co-created Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven (pretty cool, right?!). It’s witty, funny and relates to its audience and this show continues to be a hit among the young and old. Best thing is it’s filmed here in Toronto!

I’ve seen behind the scenes filming for television shows (Big Bang Theory in LA) before, but unlike BBT there’s no live studio audience.

The show has its own studio with numerous sets (bedrooms, living rooms, a cafe and school) and they usually film anywhere from 3-6 straight months!

But today’s episode was quite special, with singer Victoria Duffield making a special guest appearance on the show.

Overall it was a great experience, it was awesome getting to talk to the cast and see what really goes into one short episode (which takes two 8am-6pm days to film!).

Most times the glamour seems to hide the tough duties that come with being an actor.
I could hardly memorize simple math equations when I was 13-14 years old, and these kids are memorizing 42 pages of script in two days. It’s unbelievable! On top of that, they film each two minutes scene at least 6 times, can you imagine how tiring that gets?

Kudos to the talented cast of Life With Boys! And stay tuned for this special episode with Victoria Justice airing in 2013!

Behind the scenes pictures will be coming soon from the onset photographer, but for now, here are some iPhone pics from my day on set:

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