Online finds: Studs, spikes and skulls

My addiction for online shopping is back.

But I am using every ounce of willpower I have to resist from buying every single (oh-so-cute and oh-so-cheap) item I find while searching the depths of online stores.
Recently, I’ve had a slight obssession with accesories, from rings to scarves, to headbands,  and now, mostly bracelets.

So instead of continuously typing in my PayPal password and checking out items from my shopping cart, I thought I’d put my fingers and keyboard to better use–to post an awesome wish list on this blog! We all know the three “S” are in: studs, spikes and skulls. So here are a couple pieces in this category that you’re sure to love.

1. ASOS Stud Collar ($24.16,
This would look awesome over a plain tee or under a pullover sweater. There’s just so many possibilities with this detachable collar!








2. Alva Stud Sneaker by Jeffrey Campbell ($250.77,
While the price is way out of reach for a struggling college student like myself, there’s no denying that these shoes are gorgeous.














3. Studs Denim Shorts ($42.90,
They’re high waisted, simple and don’t overdo on the studs, which would look great with a crop top or baggy shirt tucked in!









1. Spiked Headband ($12.99,









2. ASOS Pyramid Spike and Stone Bracelet Pack, ($21.47,
This is one item I’m guilty of already having purchased. The rose gold colour is rare to come across, and it goes perfect with a MK watch I already own. Alone or layered with other bracelets, it’s super cute!






3. Aggressive Ring ($134.00,
This ring is fierce and glamourous, and a great way to protect yourself (aha, just kidding…or maybe not).








1. Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf ($295.00,
This is something that is on the top of my wish list. Such a must-have for the season, and with so many colours, there’s bound to be one that’ll catch your eye.










2. Petite Skull Print Leggings ($30.00,











3. ASOS Skull Stretch Bracelet ($14.32,
The gold-tone skull on this black bracelet makes this such a unique piece!


September Shopping Haul

My goal since I last splurged over $600 on clothes while in Florida in August was to not spend any more money on clothes. But being the shopoholic I am, and one who does not go to rehab for my troubling problem, September couldn’t pass without a few trips to the mall and coming home with shopping bags in hand. I didn’t go too crazy, which is good. But here’s what I managed to snag this month:

A simple pullover sweater from H&M for $17.95. There were so many colours to choose from (ivory, mahogany, indigo, coral etc.) but eventually I went with this brown-gold colour. It’s actually a sparkly sweater that glitters but the camera doesn’t capture it. It’s great for Christmas time, and with a cute collared top underneath would look great!

I usually don’t shop at the store I work at, but I found a few must-have items at great prices. So why not. The first was this denim shirt for $19.99:

Sure, denim tops are always cute. But what really caught my eye with this one that made it pretty much mandatory that I bought was the irresistible lacing detail at the back:

I was also in search for a great pair of red pants, and these ones weren’t too bright or dull, so it was the perfect shade. They’re also jeggings which is always a plus, because they tend to be super comfy. (Note: the camera did not accurately capture the colour at all). These beauties were also $19.99:

This next top was cute, cheap ($9.99) and went great with the pants. And that was enough reasoning for me to buy it.

And to satisfy the online shopping craving that I always seem to have, I bought a much-needed bracelet holder from eBay! For $15, this velvet organizer was a great deal: