Reunited with Motorola: Rogers Moto X

They say you never forget your first cellphone and it’s true. I still remember the day my dad brought it home.  I was an anxious 13-year-old, desperate to get my hands on one of those cool portable devices that would allow me to send instant text messages to my friends and talk to them without my mom going “hello, who’s on the phone? I neeeeeed it.” during the middle of a conversation. This cellphone was long overdue; by now everyone already had one and I had been begging for my own for months on end. My dad finally came home with one of the most popular phones (at least amongst my eighth grade class), the Motorola V360, and it was perfect.

Fast forward three years, and I upgraded to what was the sleek, incredibly thin and even better looking Motorola Krzr. It was THE phone to have. And while I had a blast with my flip phones, sharing many conversations, winky faces and “wut r u doing 2day?” texts, soon the era of smartphones came, and well frankly, my relationship with Motorola was put on the back burner.

I had a great relationship with Blackberry, before I took a bite of Apple and switched to the iPhone 5 which I’m currently using. But today I’ve been fortunate enough, thanks to Rogers, to reunite with my first cellphone love: Motorola.


The Moto X is available only at Rogers, and offers touchless control, an active display and a quick capture camera among its list of impressing features. What does that mean?
“Talk to it, and it learns your voice. With a twist of your wrist, it becomes your camera and gets the shots you’d otherwise miss and it tells you what you need to know—even when you’re not touching it.”

See for yourself:

Now I’m very much attached to my iPhone and I’ve always been an Apple person, but I’m ready to switch over and take on the 60-day Moto X Challenge (aka a challenge I’ve presented myself with where I’ll be completely dedicated to this Moto X). Change is not something I usually enjoy, but with this device, it’s one I’m welcoming with open arms and ready thumbs! I’ve only just begun to play with this new toy, but one thing’s for sure, the camera quality is stunning and I can’t wait to capture memories. I’ll definitely update you at the end of my 60-day challenge to let you know if I’ll be sticking with the Moto X or switching back to the iPhone 5.



#MyMendoMoment Event

It’s every shopaholic’s dream to attend a private shopping event, and on Thursday, May 16 I was fortunate enough to experience just that thanks to Mendocino, TextStyles (Stefania Yarhi) and a very awesome Twitter contest.

To promote their new line, Mendocino (a Toronto based chain of stores that sell the best of  brand name merchandise that one would usually only find in New York, Paris and LA) teamed up with a group of Toronto fashion bloggers to share their “My Mendocino Moment” styles on mannequins in their store windows.

A simple retweet (or three) got me a VIP invite to their #MyMendoMoment launch party at the Eaton Centre and I was able to shop like a star. Greeted by extremely friendly staff, offered great tasting champagne and tempted by a colourful candy bar; the night was definitely a memorable one. The best part about winning the contest though? Getting a $100 gift card to buy whatever my heart desired in the store. Unfortunately for me, my heart wanted everything, but in the end I was able to make a decision and buy two pieces.

Check out my pictures from the event:







photo-9What’s in that Mendocino shopping bag?
Picture 79
(Left: Chiole Denim Architect vest, $85 Right: Freeloader tank, $52)

There were seriously so many beautiful items, Mendocino has earned it’s spot on my “favourite stores” list. (If I wasn’t a financially starving student I’d be shopping here every week!) Be sure to check out their website and lookbook and if you live in Toronto, visit one of their many locations!

Thanks again to TextStyles and Mendocino for hosting this amazing contest and event!


Online finds: Studs, spikes and skulls

My addiction for online shopping is back.

But I am using every ounce of willpower I have to resist from buying every single (oh-so-cute and oh-so-cheap) item I find while searching the depths of online stores.
Recently, I’ve had a slight obssession with accesories, from rings to scarves, to headbands,  and now, mostly bracelets.

So instead of continuously typing in my PayPal password and checking out items from my shopping cart, I thought I’d put my fingers and keyboard to better use–to post an awesome wish list on this blog! We all know the three “S” are in: studs, spikes and skulls. So here are a couple pieces in this category that you’re sure to love.

1. ASOS Stud Collar ($24.16,
This would look awesome over a plain tee or under a pullover sweater. There’s just so many possibilities with this detachable collar!








2. Alva Stud Sneaker by Jeffrey Campbell ($250.77,
While the price is way out of reach for a struggling college student like myself, there’s no denying that these shoes are gorgeous.














3. Studs Denim Shorts ($42.90,
They’re high waisted, simple and don’t overdo on the studs, which would look great with a crop top or baggy shirt tucked in!









1. Spiked Headband ($12.99,









2. ASOS Pyramid Spike and Stone Bracelet Pack, ($21.47,
This is one item I’m guilty of already having purchased. The rose gold colour is rare to come across, and it goes perfect with a MK watch I already own. Alone or layered with other bracelets, it’s super cute!






3. Aggressive Ring ($134.00,
This ring is fierce and glamourous, and a great way to protect yourself (aha, just kidding…or maybe not).








1. Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf ($295.00,
This is something that is on the top of my wish list. Such a must-have for the season, and with so many colours, there’s bound to be one that’ll catch your eye.










2. Petite Skull Print Leggings ($30.00,











3. ASOS Skull Stretch Bracelet ($14.32,
The gold-tone skull on this black bracelet makes this such a unique piece!


The Online Shopping Addiction

This month most of my shopping was done online.
You see, online shopping can be great. There are no lines to stand in, no racks to go through, no sizes to search for, and you don’t have to walk a marathon just to get from one store to another.
But the abundance of pros make this style of shopping extremely addictive.

Bored in class? Online shop.
Bored on the bus? Online shop.
Bored at the doctor’s office? Online shop.
Bored at work? (Sneakily) online shop.

This pattern can lead to some very scary numbers on your credit card.
Even if you’re simply buying a cheap iPhone case on eBay like me for $3. It adds up. Because soon you’ll find an even cuter case for $5. But then you find that one case you’ve always wanted for $8. Which of course you have to get in every single colour–all 6 of them, that is. And then you find yourself with 8 iPhone cases, but no iPhone.

Yes, that happened to me.

It’s hard to resist buying items online, especially once you discover that has free shipping worldwide. all. the. time.

Stay tuned for my end of the month shopping haul, where I’ll be posting pictures of all the items I bought so easily with the click of a button.