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Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been devoted to magazines. By the time I was 16 I had at least 6 subscriptions and I would devour each and every issue. Each copy was precious to me. I would never use it as a placemat or a fly swatter, and I would handle it with tender loving care, turning each page carefully to ensure it didn’t rip. Then when I was done  absorbing every word from the front to the back it would be added to my evergrowing collection of magazines under the bed. Never would I think to throw out or recycle an old issue like most people do.
By this point I had subscriptions to a lot of Canadian favorites like Owl Magazine, The Magazine, even Faze Magazine (the amazing company I intern for now).


I’m kind of a cheeseball who takes the age number I’m turning every year a bit too seriously.
At 16 I would blast Hilary Duff’s Sweet Sixteen on repeat for days and I watched the movie Sixteen Candles, and at so when I turned 17 in addition to Metro Station’s Seventeen Forever taking over my iPod, naturally I would purchase my first subscription to Seventeen magazine. It’s been four years and it’s that time of year when I have to renew. As a journalist it’s important to keep up-to-date with the popular magazines and I just can’t get enough of the celebrity interviews in this mag.

Anyways, with my subscription comes a gift subscription and I’d love nothing more than to give it to one of you amazing readers.

To enter to win a 1-year, 10-issue subscription to Seventeen magazine:

1. Like my brand spakin’ new Facebook page: and like the post about this contest!

AS A BONUS (and if you don’t have Facebook), you can:

3. Follow this blog, post a comment on this post and tell me what your first magazine subscription was and/or what your current favorite subscription is!

Contest open to U.S. residents and closes November 1, 2013.

7 thoughts on “Giveaway: Free Subscription to Seventeen Magazine

  1. My first magazine subscription was actually Seventeen and Teen Vogue (I got them both for Christmas that year!) crossing fingers I win!

  2. My first subscription was American Girl, and my current favorite is Cosmopolitan!


  3. My first subscription actually was Seventeen magazine, and my current favorite one is Marie Claire!

  4. Does Highlights count as my first subscription? lol
    I recently started getting InStyle, and love it!

    xo, TCG


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