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We’ve all been in that situation: you’re given a gift by a family member/friend, it’s wrapped all nicely and you excidetly tear off the wrapping paper only to discover the worst smelling perfume or most horrifying sweater you’ve ever seen. In front of you though is the giftgiver’s anxious and smiling face as they say, “I didn’t know what you want, but I hope you like this!” You give your widest smile back, nod and mumble thank you as thoughts like “Can I return this? I hope there’s a gift receipt! Who can I regift this too?” spin through your head.

Well let a past situation like this stay in the past. With Ziftit, a shopping and gifting website (and even an app) that allows you, your friends and family to create wish lists for any occasion, the days of unwanted gifts may cease to exist.


On Ziftit, users can add their most desired items from any store on the web to their Zift Lists. Friends and family members can purchase gifts on others’ Zift Lists and have the gifts directly sent to its users. As college students, we don’t always have a big wad of cash in our wallets to spend on stuff, so Ziftit has a Barcode Scanner on its mobile app that allows you to scan products anywhere! It will then show you a list of where you can find that product and the different prices it is listed at, so you’ll never have to buy an overpriced product again.

As if that’s not cool enough, Zifit also has a Trending Feed where you’ll see products that match your interests and style appear. If you’re ever stuck with that feeling of not knowing what you want, well something on the Trending Feed will definitely catch your eye. You can also create events online, send out invitations and receive RSVPs from your invitees with their Events page. Lastly, if you’re dying for that higher priced Marc Jacobs watch your one friend can’t afford for herself let alone you, Ziftlit’s upgraded account allows you to split the cost of gifts with your friends!

Ziftit is giving away something that’s on everyone’s wish list: $10, 000! 
They’re hosting a contest that challenges participants to gather unique products from all over the web and place them onto their personal Zift Lists via Ziftit’s Browser Plugin or product search. Just like in Pinterest, your goal is get as many followers as you can on Ziftit by adding products that they believe will appeal to your followers. You’ll increase your “influence rating” by having the most amount of new followers and products re-added on other Ziftit lists.

The one participant with the highest influence rating on December 15 will be crowned “The Trendsetter of 2013″ (sounds so much better than prom queen don’t you think?)  and walk away with the amazing prize of $10, 000!

For more information on the contest and to start your own Ziftit list, head over to

Please note this is a sponsored post.

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