World Nutella Day: Easy Nutella Hot Chocolate and Cookies Recipes

I don’t know about you, (but I’m feeling 22) ALSO I love Nutella. Like I’m that person who eats it straight out of the jar with a spoon. So of course I got all excited when I found out there’s an actual holiday dedicated to the chocolatey and hazelnut goodness that is Nutella.



So in celebration of #NutellaDay, I created a video on how to make some delicious Nutella Hot Chocolate and Nutella Cookies. Trust me, I’m not a pro when it comes to baking, but these were super easy and fast to make with as little as 2-3 ingredients necessary! Watch the video below, and let me know what your fave Nutella recipe is!



Ingredients needed for Nutella Cookies:
-1 cup of all-purpose flour
-1 cup of Nutella
-1 large egg




Ingredients needed for Nutella Hot Chocolate:
-1 cup of milk
-2 scoops of Nutella

Bonus ingredients:
-whipped cream



Shout out to Ms Adventures in Italy, Bleeding Espresso and World Nutella Day for creating and hosting this wonderful celebration!

How To Professionally Wrap A Present

It’s the most wonderful time of the year *sung in Michael Buble’s heavenly voice*

If you can’t already tell from all the lights, decorations, music and malls turned jungles, Christmas is quickly approaching! And while you may have crossed off everyone on your list,  there’s still one more step in the way before you can put a smile (or depending how bad of a shopper you are a “-____-“) on someone’s face. The gift wrapping!

Learn from a pro like me who’s spent 2 years wrapping other people’s present and charging them sometimes more than the gift itself.

(Me: Sir, are you sure you’re willing to pay $15 to wrap up that $10 Forever21 top?)

While professional gift wrappers can make your gift look like gold, it does cost ya a lot of money! To be honest, TOO much money! Like seriously for the 20 bucks you’re paying, might as well buy something else for someone else. So I’m here to the rescue to help you out with a tutorial on how you can do it yourself when it comes to gift wrapping. I promise it’s not as complicated as it looks and if you follow closely, you’ll soon become a pro yourself!







DIY: Studded Phone Case

One of the best things about eBay, a site I consider to be one of my favourite online shopping destinations, is that you can buy absolutely anything and everything for usually dirt cheap prices (Thanks Hong Kong and China sellers!).

When I was browsing through, I came across these studs. Now, we all know that studs are in and you can see them on so many items from tops to shorts to bags and of course phone cases.

So I purchased myself a pack of 100 studs for $1. I didn’t know what I’d do with it, but I knew they’d come of use one day. A couple months later, just as my pack of studs were about to get their second layer of dust, I came across an army green silicone case for $1. And so my first Do-It-Yourself project since I was 12 began. I was going to make a studded cross phone case.

It was a success, so I thought I’d share this fun and easy project with all of you!

Items you need:

  • Plain phone case (Can be hard plastic or silicone found in eBay or stores)
  • Studs (Can be purchased online here for only $1.34 with free shipping!)
  • Super glue (I used the Krazy Glue brand)
  • Tweezers (optional)


1. The first thing is to lay out your design, I chose to go with a cross and small pyramid at the corner, but the possibilities are endless!

Here are some sample designs I found online:

2. Then start to glue your design! I recommend putting the glue directly on the case, and make sure to press and hold your stud in place for at least 30 seconds. The tweezers are there to help you hold and place the studs without risking crazy glue on your fingers!

Voila! You’re done! Let your creation dry for a couple of hours, and then you can proudly say “Thanks I made it myself” when people compliment your case! 😉