How To Professionally Wrap A Present

It’s the most wonderful time of the year *sung in Michael Buble’s heavenly voice*

If you can’t already tell from all the lights, decorations, music and malls turned jungles, Christmas is quickly approaching! And while you may have crossed off everyone on your list,  there’s still one more step in the way before you can put a smile (or depending how bad of a shopper you are a “-____-“) on someone’s face. The gift wrapping!

Learn from a pro like me who’s spent 2 years wrapping other people’s present and charging them sometimes more than the gift itself.

(Me: Sir, are you sure you’re willing to pay $15 to wrap up that $10 Forever21 top?)

While professional gift wrappers can make your gift look like gold, it does cost ya a lot of money! To be honest, TOO much money! Like seriously for the 20 bucks you’re paying, might as well buy something else for someone else. So I’m here to the rescue to help you out with a tutorial on how you can do it yourself when it comes to gift wrapping. I promise it’s not as complicated as it looks and if you follow closely, you’ll soon become a pro yourself!