September Shopping Haul

My goal since I last splurged over $600 on clothes while in Florida in August was to not spend any more money on clothes. But being the shopoholic I am, and one who does not go to rehab for my troubling problem, September couldn’t pass without a few trips to the mall and coming home with shopping bags in hand. I didn’t go too crazy, which is good. But here’s what I managed to snag this month:

A simple pullover sweater from H&M for $17.95. There were so many colours to choose from (ivory, mahogany, indigo, coral etc.) but eventually I went with this brown-gold colour. It’s actually a sparkly sweater that glitters but the camera doesn’t capture it. It’s great for Christmas time, and with a cute collared top underneath would look great!

I usually don’t shop at the store I work at, but I found a few must-have items at great prices. So why not. The first was this denim shirt for $19.99:

Sure, denim tops are always cute. But what really caught my eye with this one that made it pretty much mandatory that I bought was the irresistible lacing detail at the back:

I was also in search for a great pair of red pants, and these ones weren’t too bright or dull, so it was the perfect shade. They’re also jeggings which is always a plus, because they tend to be super comfy. (Note: the camera did not accurately capture the colour at all). These beauties were also $19.99:

This next top was cute, cheap ($9.99) and went great with the pants. And that was enough reasoning for me to buy it.

And to satisfy the online shopping craving that I always seem to have, I bought a much-needed bracelet holder from eBay! For $15, this velvet organizer was a great deal:

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