Two-time Olympic gold medalist Alex Bilodeau makes his way to Hudson’s Bay in Toronto

Hudson’s Bay on Queen Street in Toronto looked much like it would on Boxing Day with tons and tons of people crowding the area on April 1, 2014. However while great deals were present as always, what drew so many people to their flagship store was Alexandre Bilodeau, the two-time winning Olympic freestyle skier.


As the face of the Sochi 2014 HBC Team Canada collection, it was only fitting that the 26-year-old Montreal native came out to speak about his Olympic experience and meet and greet fans. He also brought along two of his closest friends—gold medals from Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014. Dressed in red and white with shirts that proudly read Canada and many of HBC’s Olympic gear including the famed toque and mittens, fans lined up early for the chance at snapping a #selfiewithalex and his medals. Also present was Hudson’s Bay Company president, Liz Rodbell who spoke with Alex in front of the excited crowd before the selfie session.



“It’s been very busy but there’s a lot of challenges in front of me,” said Alex. “I’m going to finish my studies in Accounting, it’s a bit boring compared to skiing in the Olympics but I have a great passion for it, and there’s a lot of changes, I’m also getting married this summer.”


Though he may be putting his professional skiing career behind him, Alex definitely left his mark as an athlete. In his final World Cup race, he snagged the title of most World Cup medals by a Canadian with an impressive 19 wins.  After winning gold in the men’s moguls at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, he made history by becoming the first Canadian to win a gold medal at an Olympic Games held in Canada. And in February at the Olympics in Sochi, Alex became the first man to ever successfully defend the men’s Olympic moguls crown.

Congrats to Alex, be sure to keep up with his future endeavors by following him on Twitter @ABilodeau_Ski.


What it’s like interviewing one of the biggest boy bands of our generation

No, not One Direction, and no, not the Backstreet Boys.

As a budding journalist, I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced unforgettable events and had incredible opportunities through my internships. But nothing compared to the day of July 18 when the Jonas Brothers were in town.

When I got an email from my editor saying I was going to have the opportunity to interview this boy band I’ve been a fan of since I was 16, I couldn’t contain my excitement.
Luckily I found out a couple days before so the countdown wasn’t that long.

But I did have to scramble to find someone to buy my VIP Meet and Greet tickets that I purchased months in advance for their concert. Yes, I love them enough to pay $250 to meet them.

So, fast forward to the day of the interview. My outfit was picked (I opted for a white crop top and red skater skirt), my hair was done (curls, please!) and I was on my way. It was held in their hotel suite and I met the label’s publicist in the lobby. Together we made our way upstairs and as soon as the elevator door opened on their floor, their bodyguard was sitting on chair. Instead of the usual, the-less-I-talk-the-better bodyguard, this one was extremely sweet and friendly. At last after a good five minutes of waiting, the door to their suite opened and I saw a crowded room. I entered as the Jonas Brother’s team parted ways like the red sea to reveal Joe and Kevin at the back of the room. While my interview partner in crime shook Joe’s hand, Kevin reached for mine, but I dumb foundedly was too busy starring at Joe.

Then the interview took place, an interview I will post on here as soon as it’s up, but to get the gist of it, it was quite awkward on my behalf. Being the socially awkward and kinda starstruck fangirl at the moment, to everything they said I would respond with “Awesome!” like a broken, talking, preppy Barbie Doll.

“Yeah, we’re glad to be back.”
“Obviously we’re going to take some time off when Kevin and Dani have the baby.”
“We don’t really have a favourite song on the album.”

…so yeah, I’ve got to work on my conversation skills, because I obviously could not carry one with them. But overall, such a great experience and I am beyond thankful for it.
Stay tuned for the full interview in the coming weeks!