DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by 2016 Pop Culture

I am that girl who already has her room decorated in pumpkins and cobwebs and it’s not even October yet. I’m out of school, so back to school was never a thing for me so allow it okay! Haha today I’m sharing with you guys 15 funny and last minute DIY Halloween costumes inspired by the movies, tv shows, viral videos and pop culture moments of 2016!

diy halloween costumes

From Stranger Things and Suicide Squad to Pokemon GO and the Olympics, a lot has happened this year that can inspire you to DIY your own creative costume instead of paying $79.99 for some underwear, I mean booty shorts, and a crop top that’s considered a superhero costume at the Party Store.

If you don’t want to tune into the whole video… well I don’t blame you, I can’t believe I ranted for a good 10 minutes! Here are some of my faves that I mentioned:

Pokemon GO Costumes
pokemon go costume pokemon2 pokemon5

Stranger Things Costumes

stranger things costume

Leonardo DiCaprio AND THIS OSCAR

leo4 leo6

Arthur and Baxter Costumes


Okay, that’s all I’m going to share because I really do want you guys to watch my video! Or at least give it a thumbs up? I can get on my knees and beg if necessary (ohhh the desperate things a small youtuber will do for the views LOL).

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more Halloween content soon! :)