How to get over a (band) breakup

One day everything is great. Your speakers are on full blast, your dance moves have no limits and your voice is at its highest level singing along to the lyrics. You’ve got tickets to see your favorite band next week. The outfit has been picked, lyrics have been memorized, signs have been made. You’re overcome with joy and happiness and nothing will come in the way of your perfect day.

Until suddenly a tour is cancelled, a twitter account is deleted and the band falls silent. Your heart shatters and your world breaks. What. Is. Going On. Band break-ups are hard for everyone: the band itself, its label, management team, fans, venues, and even the media who have to work extra hours to give readers the latest breaking news.


But alas, here are some tips to help get your through this tough time:

1. Don’t believe rumors.
Drug abuse, violent arguments and baby barriers: the media will publish any crazy but completely untrue facts to help satisfy fans. Unless it’s from a reputable source or heard on live TV (thanks Good Morning America) from the band member’s mouthes themselves, don’t trust anything you read on the internet. It’ll only make you more upset and confused.

2. Control your emotions.
Speaking of being upset and confused, you may be feeling a crazy mix of emotions that range from anger to sadness to even denial. It’s completely normal, but what you don’t want to do is start ripping off posters from your wall and throwing them into the fireplace to burn while you scream your hatred towards the group you once loved. While the band may not reveal all of the details to the press about the reasons behind their decision, remember that they’re humans just like you. They get into disagreements, they lose interest, they want to try something new and they’re millionaires who ride Mustangs. Just believe that they’re always thinking of their fans and doing what’s best.

3. Find a support (Facebook) group.
Your mom might think your crazy and your best friend may think you’re annoying. The thing is, they just don’t understand what you’re going through. That’s why it’s crucial and so helpful to find other superfans like yourself whether it’s on facebook, tumblr or twitter. These fans have been there since the first album, been to every tour and know everything and anything about the band mates. You can relate to them and bond over this shocking news.

4. Reminisce on the good times.
Instead of focusing on all the “never’s” like how you’ll never hear a new song and never attend another concert, take this time to think about all the great times you’ve had with the band. All the new friends you’ve made because of them, moments you’ve shared while listening to their songs, voices you’ve lost from screaming and concerts that gave you post-concert-depression. It’s been a wild ride, and it was bound to happen sooner or later, though of course later (like when you’re old and grey) would have been the better option. But hey, as those pictures with a vintage background that has nothing to do with the quote on tumblr say, “life doesn’t always go your way.”

5. It’s okay to find a rebound band, just not a replacement.
There’s no denying that music has always been the best tool to get you through the tough times. So don’t stop using it now. For some, listening to totally new bands and albums will help to put this sad band breakup news at the back of their mind, while others may prefer having an album listening marathon of the band that’s no more. It’s really up to you but there’s no need to completely disown them.

In conclusion all of the above are lies. You’ll. Never. Ever. Get. Over. The. Jonas. Brothers. Your. Fav. Band. Breaking. Up. Ever. So grab a tub of ice cream (preferably birthday cake flavored, have you not been to Cold Stone?), a box of tissues and all of your live tour DVDs and just mope around for a few days. It’s not the end of the world, just a great part of your life. Who knows, the band may even release four new songs just for you!



Wreck-It-Ralph Press Screening

It’s 10:30 am, and here I was sitting in the ScotiaBank Theatre in Toronto, ready to watch a movie. Of course this wasn’t your regular old showing. I was sitting by myself (the first time I’ve ever watched a movie in a theatre alone) surrounded by other lonely people from various media outlets. Yup, a press screening. We were all ready with notepads and pen in hand and 3D glasses perched on the tops of our heads to watch Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph. Now, though it is a movie intended for a young audience, the theatre full of adult-aged journalists seemed just as eager and excited for the film. After all, it would instill a great feeling of nostalgia with old school video game characters like Sonic the Hedgehog making appearances.

The film was great, in no way was it predictable and it kept me entertained throughout. Full of interesting characters and pretty hilarious jokes, Disney used its magic to create yet another success. The only disappointing thing about this movie was that the best video game characters of all time, Mario and Luigi didn’t make an appearance (though Mario’s name was mentioned).

But a pleasant surprise, and one you dubstep fans should keep an eye out for is Skrillex‘s animated cameo. Even if you didn’t know about it (like I) you’ll still easily recognize him in a small party scene.

I highly recommend you watch it, another great film brought to us by Disney, and one that kids and adults will enjoy alike.

For the full and detailed film review, please visit!

Wreck-It-Ralph hits theatres on November 2nd.

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Faze Power Up Event

Girls just wanna have fun, and Canada’s #1 Student Magazine Faze helps them do just that with their awesome and free events held 3-4 times a year. The most recent was their Power Up event which saw guests like Bridgit Mendler, Allstar Weekend, Luke Bilyk and Tyler Medeiros make special appearances. Hundreds of girls showed up and were given the ultimate pampering experience, with the chance to get their “nails done, hair done, everything did.”

Of course the awesome celeb guests drew a lot of girls in. It wasn’t hard to tell who many fans were there for. Toronto cutie Tyler Medeiros was the surprise co-host at the event, and had all the girls scream as if they were being chased by an ax murderer (don’t worry it was just a cute boy in the building).

Hang in there baby! Disney star Bridgit Mendler dropped by the Faze event too during her first visit to Toronto.

She premiered a special behind the scenes video for her first music video “Ready or Not”, answered some questions and did a meet and greet for some lucky fans.

Also in attendance were the boys of Allstar Weekend and Toronto native and Degrassi heartthrob Luke Bilyk! During an interview I did with Michael, Zach and Cameron they mentioned that they would love to star on Degrassi. I then told Luke that during his interview which was right after, and he thought it would be an awesome idea! So whaddya think? Allstar Weekend on Degrassi? Since the band just singed onto a Canadian label (Universal Music Canada), I think that it would be very easy to make it happen!

All of the special guests including Luke, Allstar Weekend, Bridgit Mendler, Veronica and Francesco signed autographs for the longest line of fans.

When you thought an event couldn’t get better it did–with free pizza, swag bags and awesome prize giveaways.
Yes, I said free.

But wait, there’s more! Check out the full gallery from the event at

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