Book Review: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

We’ve read about them in the newspaper, heard about them on the radio and seen the aftermath on television. There’s no denying that school shootings are tragic events that are prominent in our society.

It’s hard to imaging the effect such a tragedy may have on a town and the families of victims, among others. But best-selling author Jodi Picoult is there to provide a fictitious behind the scenes view to a very real issue.

In her novel Nineteen Minutes, a small town in New Hampshire is shaken by a school shooting and Picoult explores the events leading up to and following the incident from various characters’ points of view.

The author bravely delves into a sensitive issue and reminds us that there is always more than one side to a story. She makes you realize that when traumatic events like this happen, it’s not only the victims and their families that are affected, but the community as a whole. And that the shooter isn’t the only one viewed as the bad guy, but there’s also the lawyer who agrees to defend him and the innocent unknowing parents woh share the health and blame. Picoult presents the story so that you’re able to see it from all angles; angles you didn’t even think would exist.

Knowing that this fictitious story is very much similar to the reality of school shootings is  chilling and a real eye-opener. When we read stories about events like this in the news, we only get a view from the outside looking in. In Nineteen Minutes Picoult breaks that fourth wall, taking the reader and their emotions for a roller coaster ride with the characters making it feel as though we’re experience the issue ourselves.

It’s a page turner that makes you as the reader continually ask questions such as “why did this happen?” “how could someone do such a thing?” and “why didn’t they see this coming?”. Picoult makes her signature imprint by including a plot twist at the end. Though the novel jumps back and forth on a time machine, traveling from the past to the present nonchalantly, the story flows well and all of the characters are delicately strung into a web that in the end makes sense.

Picoult is well versed and it’s evident that deep research was done in order to make the novel as accurate as possible. From the legal terms to the history of mental illness, she nailed it all.

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Shawn Desman “Alive” Movie Premiere

On February 1, I had the opportunity to attend the red carpet premiere for Shawn Desman’s movie Alive.

Scored with songs from his new record, Alive follows the ups and downs of a small town dancer who moves to the big city to pursue her dreams.

It was a short and sweet film, that had an inspirational theme, amazing dance scenes and of course a great soundtrack.

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Check out the pictures I was able to capture on the red carpet:


Shawn Desman and lead Kaitlyn Leeb.


The cast.


The cast with director RT! and producer Katrina.

You can catch the film airing on MuchMusic at 7pm on Tuesday, February 5 (the day Shawn’s studio album also comes out!)

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Canadian Premiere

I’ve been on a winning spree lately and I think it was topped off by winning two tickets to last night’s Canadian premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 from Flare Magazine.

Though you can’t call me a Twihard,  I’ve read the books, and watched all of the movies, so I was definitely looking forward to being one of the first in Canada to watch the film.

eOne was definitely exclusive and extra precautions were made to ensure no filming or recording of the film was done. As soon as we got up the elevator at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto we joined a line to receive our tickets. After finding our names on a long list, we received not only the ticket, but a hand stamp and wristband as well. Then in order to get into the theatre, there was another line to check in all phones and electronic devices.

The movie itself was pretty good. I’d even argue that it was the best of the series. It was an epic end to the fantasy world Stephanie Meyer created that millions of people around the world have come to love.

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