May 2013 Playlist


This is a rather short playlist because apparently it took me longer than a month to get sick of the songs on my April playlist, and so most songs carried over, with the addition of the following four beauties.

You’ll notice that 50% of the songs are of the country genre (okay, just two out of the four). But that’s weird for me. For the longest time I was one of those ignorant “country music sucks” people. I would proudly say, “I like all genres of music” before quickly adding “except country of course”.

But over the past year and a bit I’ve found a new love and appreciation for this genre that most people shun. I guess it started with Taylor Swift back in her actual country days (seriously, why is she still winning CMA awards?) but then I began to listen to that one The Band Perry Song (If I Die Young) that was acceptable for everyone to like. And from that I moved on to that one country band (Lady Antebellum) that was winning all of those awards and therefore also acceptable for everyone to like. And now I’ve been listening to Tim McGraw and Florida Georgia Cruise Line?

The way my teenage rock and pop loving self would shake their head… And throw in the fact that I’m brown (but all my good friends know that I’m a coconut aka brown on the outside, white on the inside), and jaws would drop to the floor.

I guess the moral of the story is, don’t proclaim loudly and proudly that you hate a particular genre of music unless you truly give it an unbiased listen. And oh right, here’s my short but sweet May playlist selection:

Snoop Lion Ft. Miley Cyrus – Ashtrays and Heartbreaks Florida Georgia Line – Cruise Vita Chambers – Fix You Tim McGraw Ft. Taylor Swift – Highway Don’t Care

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