What is it meant to have a good taste in fashion?

What is it meant to have a good taste in fashion?
  • 31 Jul 2023

Breaking Down the Aesthetics of Fashion

Ever since my interest in fashion started to spark in my early 20s, I've been incredibly fascinated by the many interpretations of one simple term, 'A Great Taste in Fashion'. Fashion has always been considered a relatively subjective discipline, with the definition of good taste varying dramatically from one individual to another. But the real question is, what does it really mean to have a good taste in fashion? Is it more about maintaining a certain level of style and elegance, or is it about experimenting and setting new trends? Let's take a deep dive together!

Having a good taste in fashion is more than just following the latest trends or wearing expensive, designer clothes. It's about knowing what looks best on you and using it as one of the main ingredients to cook up an individual style statement. It's about wearing clothes that reflect who you are, fitting seamlessly with your personal aesthetics, and making you feel comfortable in your skin. Good taste should not rely on the brand or price tags, but rather on the quality of the fabrics, the versatility of the pieces, and the harmony between the aspects of your outfit.

Fun fact: 'Taste' in fashion was brought to the limelight by French queen Marie Antoinette, who, despite her controversial life, was known for her exquisite fashion choices and setting lavish trends during the 18th century!

The Relationship Between Fashion and Personality

One cannot deny the fact that the manner in which we present ourselves has a significant impact on the way others perceive us. And let's be clear, perception plays a huge role in our interactions and relationships, professional or personal. That's why they say, "Dress the way you want to be addressed". Fashion is the most visual language expressing our identity and personality.

An important aspect of good taste is understanding your personality type and dressing in a way that resonates with it. For instance, if you are a minimalist at heart and feel at home in simple, clean outfits, then that's your fashion playground. If, on the other hand, you are more outgoing and adventurous, your style might demand more colors, patterns, and bold designs.

A quick tip: Invest time in knowing the color palette that suits your skin tone. This simple step can dramatically enhance the look of every outfit you sport, hence improving your overall fashion game.

The Influence of Culture and Environment

Your cultural background and immediate environment inevitably shape your taste in fashion. If I look back, I realize how growing up in Denver has shaped my own approach to fashion choices. What we see around us from a young age influences our tastes and preferences, be it the rusty hues of the Rocky Mountains or the urban chic vibe of the city nightlife.

Similarly, the culture we grew up in deeply impacts our fashion sense. Local festivals, traditions, fabrics, colors, all leave an imprint on our minds, consciously or subconsciously shaping our fashion choices. For instance, my wife, Sasha, hailing from an Irish background, has this natural leaning towards warm, earthy colors and textures, which I believe is a reflection of her cultural roots.

Incorporating Timeless Trends and Innovation

To exhibit good taste, one must master the art of balancing timeless staples with a dash of innovation. Timeless fashion pieces serve as the canvas for creating stylish outfits, such as classic white shirts, black trousers, or blue jeans. Adding a trendier, more unique piece to this base can result in a fantastic ensemble that puts your good taste in full display.

Furthermore, incorporating innovative ideas into your wardrobe keeps it exciting and up-to-date. It's not about hopping on every passing trend bandwagon but about discerning which trends align with your style and can be adapted uniquely to your fashion language.

I remember there was this one time I went shopping for a blazer and ended up getting a color-tinted one instead of the traditional black or brown. Sasha was skeptical at first, but she loved how it added a completely new vibe to my usual formal wear. It's all about exploring and having fun!

Nurturing Your Fashion Sense Constantly

Last but not least, having a good taste in fashion is not a one-time achievement, but an ongoing process. Trends come and go, personal preferences evolve over time, and so must our fashion sense. We need to continuously educate ourselves about current fashion movements, learn from the experts, experiment with new ideas, and lastly, learn from our own fashion successes and faux pas.

I recommend subscribing to fashion blogs, following stylish people who inspire you on social media, and trying out different clothes whenever you get a chance. Yes, you might make some mistakes along the way, but remember that each mistake gets you closer to enhancing your unique style.

To those who are overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of fashion trends and suggestions: Take a step back and refocus on what suits your vibe. It's not about chasing someone else's style; it's about being comfortable in your own. And remember, as Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashion fades, style is eternal".

Posted By: Kieran Fairhurst

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