Take A Look Inside My Woman Cave: Room Tour

My room has always been a special place. My own little cave filled with my treasures, the most comfortable bed and wifi. Getting grounded and sent to my room when I was younger? Best. Thing. Ever.

Seeing how I still live at home with my parents (in a city I despise), it’s basically where I eat, sleep, breathe and live my life. Growing up in a three bedroom house with five family members, and because my younger sister copied me and came out as a female, both of us shared a room while our younger brother got a sanctuary of his own. And at 8 years old, I doubt he even appreciated it. I swear he spent most of his time in the living room throwing punches and fighting with the air and jumping from couch to couch because the floor was lava.

Anyway, sharing a room was a fate worse than death (or so I assumed as a dramatic pre-teen), and I campaigned long and hard for a room of my own over a couple of years before my parents finally gave in, kicked my brother out and moved his bed into their master bedroom.

Do you see how important my room is? It wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter, I worked tirelessly for it! Now, almost a decade later, though the location of the room hasn’t changed (unfortunately, remember, city I despise), everything else has, from the colour of the walls to the décor. And so today I’m giving you an in-depth look into this woman cave of mine with my room tour. Hope you enjoy!

Ireland Travel Tips From A Twenty-Something

So back in November I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Ireland, mostly to visit my sister who was spending the semester studying abroad there.
Before she packed her bags and left against my mother’s will, Ireland had never been on my radar as a travel destination.
I mean sure, it looked gorgeous in films like P.S. I Love You and Leap Year, and sure, I have a thing for Irish/British accents. But with so many more “popular” destinations in Europe, it wasn’t a top priority on my “Places To Travel To” list.

But hey, when you have a sister studying there who’s got an apartment you can crash in FO’ FREE and flights are reasonably priced because it’s low season, you really can’t say no. And so I (over)packed my bags and headed off in hopes of drinking many glasses of Guinness, finding leprechauns and running into a Gerard-Butler-Type like Hilary Swank did on the road. None of that happened. I realized I don’t even like Guinness after one heavy sip at their giant factory in Dublin.

Anyways, I went into the country with not a lot of expectations and with no plan. I took it day by day and winged all my adventures, which actually worked out for me. But I know there are people out there who NEED to know what they’re getting into and even, *shocker* have an itinerary planned.

So I thought I’d share some advice/helpful tips and a few pictures for anyone interested in visiting the land of the four leaf clover. If you want a little summary of my trip, I put together a vlog below that I’d LOVE for you to check out!


Though I stayed in Galway, obviously I had to check out the capital! I took a double decker hop-on/hop-off bus which cost me 16 euros (because the man in the tourist office was nice enough to give me the (struggling) student price. It was definitely the best decision. Like all tourist carrying vehicles it took me around all the hot spots and landmarks in the city. You don’t have to buy your ticket ahead of time, just walk into any of the many tourism offices, because you can probably then bargain for a cheaper price in person.

Trinity College
I hopped off at Trinity College, which is a massive and old and beautiful and historic university. Did some walking around, gawked at some cute students, got strangers to take pictures of me in front of buildings, and then I found myself in a very long lineup to get inside their library. 30 minutes later I finally got inside only to find out there’s a $10 admission fee! As a former struggling student whose Canadian dollars were like nothing in Euros, I decided to skip out, so I scoped the gift shop and left.

Dublin Castle
If you don’t wanna travel to the countryside or northern Ireland, your chance to see a real life Medieval Castle is still possible in the middle of the bustling city of Dublin. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s free to walk around (going inside, I’m not entirely sure).
Dublin Castle


Temple Bar
This is where that infamous red bar is and where all the tourists go to have a drink. The Temple Bar area is a great atmosphere with cobblestone streets, pubs, and tons of gift shops. It’s a nice area to just walk through during the day, though I imagine it’s also where the partying happens at night (partying I never got to experience sadly).



Guinness Factory
Probably Dublin’s most tourist filled attraction, the Guinness factory was a huuuuge building that reminded me kind of like the Willy Wonka Factory from the movies, with its giant gates and smoke bellowing from the top. The tour cost around 18 euros and with it you also get a free pint of beer. Guinness beer, obviously. I don’t know if I could justify the price being worth it, but it was still interesting to see. Note that it’s a completely self guided tour, though they do have audio books available for purchase. My favourite part was where we learned to craft the perfect pint of beer in the Guinness Academy and then are able to enjoy it on their Gravity Bar, which gives the best CN Tower/Empire State Building type view of the city.




The “random” city my sister was studying in. I say random because as an uncultured Canadian I had never heard of this city prior to my sister moving there for four months. Let’s be honest, when you think Ireland, you think Dublin and that’s about it. However Galway is one beautiful gem that is definitely worth the 2.5 hour bus ride to visit. It costs around 16 euros for a two-way bus ride from City Link and there’s FREE WIFI on board! What’s in store for you in this town? The sea, awesome shopping (see: Shop Street), great pubs and just the taste of a beautiful quaint Irish town.




I visited this BEAUTIFUL picturesque part of the country through a day-tour offered by Galway tours. It cost 25 euros, 20 if you’re a student, and it was worth every damn cent. I was indifferent about going on this tour but it was probably the highlight of my trip. If you’re about seeing the countryside, jawdropping scenery and a giant mansion to boot, then this trip is for you. Take a look for yourself:







Since everything about this trip was a “just go and roll with it” type of thing, I obviously had no idea what the cool, hip, happening and let me stress, affordable places to shop were. Finding these places weren’t as hard as I thought, so here are my top 3 places, from cheapest to most expensive, cuz that’s how I browse online:

Penny’s (known as Poshmark in the UK)
If there was a retail heaven that shopaholics died and went to… I imagine this would be it. I was so overwhelmed when I first walked in, I probably resembled this meme right here. For a Canadian/American, shopping across is the pond is NOT cheap! While things may be reasonably priced for Europeans, like a sweater for 30 euros, that costs us around $45! And hey, I’m a recovering student who just paid off my debt. Which is why my eyes widened at the site of Penny’s prices. Scarves for 2.50?! A jacket for 30? And no way this sheer blouse is only 7 euros! Things weren’t just reasonably priced, they were dirt cheap. And so cute! From clothes to accessories to shoes to makeup to home goods, it’s basically like a Target meets Forever21 and it’s AWESOME! If you’re going to spend your money in one place, this is it my friend.

New Look
New Look is like the UK/Irish version of Urban Planet/Charlotte Russe/Forever21. And I’m saying that because I saw a lot of the same brands there that I’d find at UP or Charlotte. Prices are a step above Penny’s but that’s not to say you can’t find a good deal (they have plenty). If you’re going to buy just one thing make it a pair of jeans. Seriously the best fitting jeans I have ever tried, they’re soft to the touch and tight and fit like a dream.

River Island
The most expensive of all three, River Island is on Topshop’s level. Which means that the clothes look great and are probably of better quality. I recommend splurging your money on one of their cute bags/purses.

100 Things To Do in Toronto

While on my daily date night with the internet, I happened to stumble upon this great list that any Torontonian, Canadian or any one else for that matter might enjoy. Sometimes when visiting a city, it’s best to leave the guide books and tourist attraction lists behind.
Note:This list was not composed by me, it’s simply a repost.

Toronto skyline

1. Lie face down on the glass floor at the CN Tower
2. Sit upstairs at Union Station during rush hour
3. Skate at Nathan Phillips Square
4. Tour the Steam Whistle Brewery
5. Have a hot chocolate at Soma in The Distillery District
6. Do a bike tour of Toronto Island
7. Go shopping at Honest Ed’s
8. Walk the boardwalk at The Beach
9. Go to Dundas Square
10. Dine at a famous chef’s restaurant
11. Take a city walking tour and check out jane’s walk
12. Get out of the downtown core
13. Ride the 501 Queen Streetcar
14. Go shopping in Chinatown
15. Go to Kensignton Market Pedestrian Sundays
16. Window shop in Yorkville
17. Eat corn on the sidewalk in Little India in the summer
18. Take a train ride through High Park
19. Walk the entire PATH
20. Check out a local band
21. Sample honey at St. Lawrence Market
22. Tour the CBC building
23. Eat Souvlaki on The Danforth
24. Have dinner in Little Italy
25. Read in the garden at Casa Loma
26. Come face to face with a dinosaur at the ROM
27. Visit the AGO for free
28. Sample free beer at the Mill St Brewery in the Distillery District
29. Explore the Toronto alleys
30. Go to the Ontario Science Center
31. Check out the parks running north from the Don Valley – (ride a bike from the lake through the Don Valley all the way up through Serena Gundy Park and all the way up to Sunnybrook Park or Edward’s Gardens – there are trails all the way up, lots of cool stuff in there.)
32. High Park is also pretty cool
33. Cherry Beach (sorry no real official link to cherry beach)
34. Sunnyside Park beaches
35. Tommy Thompson Park
36. Bluffers Park
37. Ice skating between Toronto Islands
38. Spent the last Sunday of the month (only from May to October)at Kensington Market – Pedestrian-only streets
39. Go buy some Whiskey Cheddar from Global Cheese in Kensington Market and eat it because I just had some and this stuff is seriously delicious. (as stated by ROB_K)
40. Check out the Working and Historical Post Office on Adelaide St East
41. Any historical house, ie: mackenzie, spadina, etc..
42. riverdale farm/cabbagetown especially when the festivals are on
43. Tobogganing down riverdale park east hill.. the west side has a baseball diamond now.. may be a bit dangerous!
44. Sunbathing at hanlan’s point clothing optional beach
45. Watch a movie at one of Toronto’s many film festivals
46. Help put together a free community feast with Food Not Bombs
47. Have a coffee in the cafe at the corner of Baldwin and Augusta before 8AM on a weekday and watch the people who pass before they go to work
48. Visit LCBO Summerhill to glory in the past, marvel in the present, as the immaculately restored North Toronto Railway Station (Circa 1916) is now the largest and most fascinating wine & spirits store in Canada.
49. Fair Trade coffee & delicious sandwiches at Tinto’s on Roncesvalles
50. Join the Caribana Parade
51. Brickworks Farmer’s Market (May – Oct) and for that matter, biking in and around the Brickworks
52. Checking out the view of Toronto from hill next to Brickworks
53. Check out where Lake Ontario meets Scarberia (near Port Union Station)
54. Watch the sun rise/set from the end of the Leslie Spit
55. The Junction Arts Fest in September (one of Toronto’s best kept secrets)
56. Bike the Humber River Trail
57. Friday Community Picnic in Dufferin Grove Park
58. Bonfire on beach out in Scarborough (near Morningside I think)
59. Promise Party at the Beaches
60. Sunnybrook Park (horses are in the back of the park, in the stables)
61. Biking the Ex at night during spring when no one is around, spooky.
62. Go to for an ice cream at the Dutch Cafe (funny building and awesome assortment of ice cream!)
63. Dive into Pomegranate deliciousness at marouf tochal
(everything is made of pomegranate: juice, dried fruit, ice cream, marmelade…YUM!)
64. Take a walk from the beaches westward to sunnyside park on the boardwalk (or bike)
65. Take the carillon tour with Gerald from CS.
66. Get your hands on the ceramic wheel at the Gardiner Museum on Fridays and Sundays
67. Enjoy an aperitif with view from the rooftop bar of the Park Hyatt
68. Go to a concert at the beautiful Roy Thomson Hall (and find discounted tickets on sale the same day)
69. Watch Rocky Horror Picture Show at Bloor Cinema on Halloween at midnight
70. Read a book in Queen’s Park Spring/Summer/Fall which is also home to Ontario Legislative Assembly
71. Mutahdi’s Drumming Festival (July – Queen’s Park)
72. Kick Ass Karaoke
73. Brunch in St. Lawrence Market
74. Picnic on Toronto Islands
75. Plant trees in with Bring Back the Don
76. The AIDS Memorial (behind the 519 on church)
77. Eat at Zelda’s (On Yonge Street)
78. Play a round of manhunt
79. Visit Ireland Park down at the waterfront
80. Audit a lecture by one of Toronto’s (semi-)famous professors: Mark Kingswell, Nick Mount, etc
81. Take in a concert of one of Toronto’s Talented music acts
82. Pay a visit to 401 Richmond
83. Visit the actual Distillery District
84. Watch the real pros play basketball at Harbourfront Community Centre outdoor courts
85. Wychwood Barns an exciting project they have going with the STOP
86. Harbourfront Festivals (any weekend starting from May – September) there’s Hot N Spicy, Ukranian, Askenazi, Chinese… showcases the diversity of Toronto.
87. Sample Polish or Ukranian desserts in roncesvalles/Bloor West Village
88. Eat at the world’s only Hungarain Thai restaurant in Kensington Market
89. Participate in Improv at Bad Dog Theatre
90. Museum of Inuit Art on your way to Harbourfront
91. Check out Matador’s a late night after hours club
92. Jazz festival in the Beach
93. Check out one of the many historical churches in the city like; St. Michael’s, St. James’, St. Patrick’s, etc..
94. check out the Fringe Fest
95. “Dream in High Park” plays presented during the summer
96. Shop at Active Surplus
97. Check out clay and paper theater
98. Check out the Santa Claus Parade
99. Check out WinterCity
100. If Batman is in town, this is where you will find him; Sneaky Dees