Take A Look Inside My Woman Cave: Room Tour

My room has always been a special place. My own little cave filled with my treasures, the most comfortable bed and wifi. Getting grounded and sent to my room when I was younger? Best. Thing. Ever.

Seeing how I still live at home with my parents (in a city I despise), it’s basically where I eat, sleep, breathe and live my life. Growing up in a three bedroom house with five family members, and because my younger sister copied me and came out as a female, both of us shared a room while our younger brother got a sanctuary of his own. And at 8 years old, I doubt he even appreciated it. I swear he spent most of his time in the living room throwing punches and fighting with the air and jumping from couch to couch because the floor was lava.

Anyway, sharing a room was a fate worse than death (or so I assumed as a dramatic pre-teen), and I campaigned long and hard for a room of my own over a couple of years before my parents finally gave in, kicked my brother out and moved his bed into their master bedroom.

Do you see how important my room is? It wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter, I worked tirelessly for it! Now, almost a decade later, though the location of the room hasn’t changed (unfortunately, remember, city I despise), everything else has, from the colour of the walls to the décor. And so today I’m giving you an in-depth look into this woman cave of mine with my room tour. Hope you enjoy!