4 Things To Help You Remember The New Year

It’s that time of year again. “New year, New Me” is the common slogan you’re bombarded with on twitter, facebook and instagram. It’s great and while some people might be hating and saying, “why wait for a new year to change?” well they’re right, but they should also be happy that someone’s finally got an excuse to change.

However while writing down your resolutions and looking forward to all the good things you hope will come your way in 2014, why not prepare for way to remember it all. 2014 like every other year with quickly age soon meet its end in December. The year will be full of some of the best and worst moments of your life so why not take some time to help preserve those good memories with these neat ideas.

1. A “Good Things” Jar

Keep a notepad and pen near this and every time something significant and great happens write it down and shove it in the jar. Whether you aced an exam or got a new job, there’s nothing better than pouring all the sheets from the jar and smiling over the little things at the end of the year.

2. One Line a Day Journal

Bring back the good old days when you had a diary. This great concept journal records your daily encounters over the period of five years. It’s far less time consuming than your average diary/journal though, as with only a couple lines, you’re only meant to summarize the most significant events of the day. 2014 is the perfect year for me to start this, as a college senior who’s about to experience a tremendous transition. The future is so uncertain for me, and it’ll be great comparing those changes over the past five years in 2019.

3. A scrapbook
A picture may be worth 1000 words, but there are other things you’ll come across during the year that when looking at years from now will bring you back to a really awesome moment in your life. From concert ticket stubs to restaurant receipts, a scrapbook is the perfect place to bring these items together and jot down a line or two reminding you of its significance. I stumbled across this really cool Smash scrapbook that makes the whole process a lot easier with funky pages and a pen/glue stick.

IMG_3327 IMG_3326 IMG_3325

4. A Facebook album
The most easiest and convenient way to keep track of 2014’s memories is a something people have been using since 2007. Accumulating all your pictures from the year into one album will make it easy for you to chronologically flip through everything. If you don’t want everyone seeing the pictures, especially those with that solo red cup, you can make it private and viewable to “only me”.