What to expect at Toronto’s Brandy Melville Warehouse Sale

A Brandy Melville warehouse sale seems too good to be true. But I promise you it’s true, and boy is it good.

If you’re already 10 steps ahead of me and have the day reserved for the sale, I did a video on some shopping tips to help prepare you:

UPDATE: I finally did a haul video! Prepare for your jaws to drop at the amazing steals I got!

Alright now where were we…

I went twice today; once in the morning around 9am and then later in the afternoon around 11 (I was taking my friends from work, is that a good enough excuse?). For those in the Greater Toronto Area, I highly recommend dropping in on this one day sale that’s open until 10:30pm tonight. It’s happening at the International Centre at 6900 Airport Road Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Parking and admission are all free!

The sale is basically like a treasure hunt. Merchandise is spread throughout the large empty space on tables, in boxes and even on floor. Nothing is categorized, though they try. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time to look and dig through everything in order to find the gems you’re looking for. While the sale is advertised on Brandy’s Facebook event page as prices from $1-$40, you’re greeted to an ever better surprise: nothing I saw was over $20. I’m telling you, the prices are dirt cheap! The average prices are: jewelry for $1, bandeaus are $3, most mini skirts are $5, crop tops are $5, maxi skirts are $10, dresses are $10-15 and sweaters are $15-20. All items are marked with a colour and the price is based on that colour and is as follows: yellow for $1, orange for $3, black for $5, blue for $10, green for $15, and red and purple for $20.

As for crowds, it really depends on the time you go. At 9am, the lineup for cash was at least an hour long, and when I went at 11am there was no line-up at all. Try to avoid going at peak times which I’m assuming will be rush hour after-work/after-school. So instead of going anytime from 5pm-7pm, opt for 8pm – 10pm.


I’ll post my haul when I get home, but just to give you an idea I got a Jada dress for $10, and printed Heather skirts for $5! My friend was lucky enough to find a This Is T-Dot top for $20! I’d love to hear about your hauls if you go, leave me a comment telling me what you got below!