Weird and Surprising BUT Delicious Nutella Recipes

Just when you thought Nutella couldn’t get any better, I must introduce you to some weird but delicious Nutella recipes that will forever change your taste buds. Seriously, these are some genius ways to eat Nutella.

Like guys, NUTELLA BACON IS A THING. Watch and enjoy! xo



What Foods To Eat For Clear and Acne Free Skin!

Don’t we all wish we had the glowing, luminous, radiant skin that is photo-shopped on celebrities on magazine covers?
While you could try every single product in Sephora’s skincare section (guilty!), a good start is by eating healthy! Because what you put inside your body affects how your skin can look! Shocker, right? (insert sarcasm) Well today I’m sharing a new video of some foods to eat that will specifically help get rid of acne naturally. All of these foods are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants that will hopefully clear up your skin and keep it that way! Enjoy! xo

‘Tis the season for Spring Cleaning! DIY Room Organization and Storage Ideas

It’s that time of year! Which for me is like every month because my room gets real messy real FAST. Sorry mom.
Today I’ve got a new video where I’m sharing some DIY Room Decor ideas that’ll help get your room clean and organized without spending too much money. And by too much money I mean more than $10 because ain’t nobody got money for that, right? *Stay silent you trust fund kids*
Anyways hope you all enjoy the video below!


‘Tis the season to do some good and #SnapSomeGood!

MGMThe holidays have always been my favourite time of year. Like why wouldn’t it be when Elf is playing on tv like every single day?!  But seriously, everything from the music, decorations and even the snow (who’s totally standing me up this year, like where you at?) makes me feel so happy. But what I love most about December is that people come together in the spirit of giving.

Which is why I’m so excited to work with My Giving Moment, a campaign led by the Rideau Hall Foundation and the Governer General of Canada, that encourages millennials like you and I to get involved and give back!

I think we can all easily predict the type of pictures we’ll be seeing on our Twitter, Instagram and even newsfeeds this season: shots of Christmas trees from every angle possible, nicely wrapped presents, maybe a few ugly christmas sweater selfies and of course lots and lots of food. But this year I encourage you to instead #SnapSomeGood and post a picture of you doing a good deed! Whether it’s making cupcakes for a charity bake sale or a big pile of clothes ready for donation. Why? It’s simple: when we see good, we do good and when we do good, we feel good! has a ton of ideas of some great volunteering activities you can try your hand at this year, and for some more things to do especially when you get bored this winter break (because let’s face it it’s bound to happen after you finish binge watching that show on Netflix), be sure to check out my latest youtube video below!