The Wanted’s visit to Bramalea City Centre left fans wanting for more

On Monday April 2, 2012 the British boy band invasion took over Bramalea City Centre in Brampton, Ontario as hundreds of fans lined up as early as 5AM in order to get wristbands for an autograph signing with The Wanted. The event was held by HMV and treated those who showed up to an acoustic performance and a Q&A session with the band.

In order to get wristbands that guaranteed an autograph from the British heartthrobs, you had to be one of the first 300 fans to pre-order The Wanted’s EP that same morning at 10AM from the HMV inside Bramalea City Centre. Fans lined up as early as 5AM and came from as far as Ottawa–showing true dedication and love for the boy band. Once we finally got inside HMV, we paid our $10 deposit for the EP (the remaining balance of $5.99 is to be paid when we pick it up on its release date April 24), got a free poster for the boys to sign, and our precious wristbands.

The show was set to begin at 6PM, but of course it started fashionably late. Every time someone would walk on stage–whether it be a soundcheck guy or the bands guitar player–screams filled the building. Finally, someone well deserving of the fans roars appeared–Jesse Giddings, the MuchMusic VJ who might I say is even better looking in person.

Finally, after much postponing and anxious waiting the five boys everyone came to see walked onto the stage. Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan were all smiles as the crowd lost their voices yelling, and flashed their signs in hopes of getting the group’s attention. “Jay you can have my Vajayjay” was one that certainly did. However, the sexual humor did not end with the bristol board. Siva and Max were also gifted with very large bras with writing on them. After The Wanted took in the large crowd, they sang a set of three acoustic songs that put the crowd in awe. Singing their most famous radio hit Glad You Came, and some covers without any tracks playing in the background made you realize just how talented these boys are.

Photography was not allowed during the actual signing, but the group sure did make their fans feel loved, giving out not only their autographs, but hugs and even kisses (on the cheeks of course) as well! I’m sure all the fans that attended were glad they came (cheesy, but hey, it works!).

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