A “Surprise” Birthday Party With The Help of Mattel


As I recently turned the big 22 and was in the stages of planning a celebration, an age that is really only exciting thanks to that catchy Taylor Swift song, I thought back to my former parties and what I did “back in the day”. From going to Wonderland and the mall (when you had strict parents, being able to do those activities without supervision were celebrations) to the usual fun like Playdium and Chuck E. Cheese, it varied every single year. But the one constant every year were family parties.

While the same 30 to 40 adults still gather at my house to eat, drink, sometimes even dance and sing (obviously after the drinking), the kids have definitely parted ways. Most went off to university while others are too busy with homework to come.

But back when we were youngins’ none of us were privileged enough to have televisions in our rooms and with all the adults downstairs where the TV was we had to find other forms of entertainment. Our go-to? Good ol’ board games! Whether we were buying property in Monopoly or testing out our flexibility with Twister, time flew by.

These days though, with the rise of technology and all that the internet has to offer, unfortunately I’ve forgotten about the joy that comes with playing with board games. But just in time for my birthday, Mattel sent a box of goodies to my doorstep to remind me that “Anytime is game time”. They’ve challenged me surprise my family and friends with games and of course when I accepted it, I knew exactly when I would break out the games.

The day of my 22nd birthday family party came and while the parents were downstairs chatting away and even singing along to their 70s/80s tunes, I brought the fun to the kids upstairs with Apples to Apples, Mad Gab, UNO and Bounce-Off. While I thought the reaction I’d get is, “uhhh….are we twelve?” My family friends Amanda, Shanelle and Aleshia actually got so excited! Check out the pictures from this surprise moment of fun below.

And as for you, I’m passing along the challenge! Grab a board game and shake up the fun! Whether you’re hosting a movie night, on a road trip or chilling by the pool, anytime is #GameTime! Be sure to check out Mattel Game On! on Facebook where they’re giving away game prizes each week on their Facebook Page to celebrate their new mantra – Anytime is #GameTime! All you have to do is answer the weekly game challenge on their Facebook for your chance to win!  Here is a link for more details on the contest: facebook.com/MattelGameOn.











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