Demi Lovato Summer 2012 Concert

Performing in Toronto for the first time since her public struggle, Demi Lovato reassured her fans that she’s ready and excited to hit the stage again.

On July 3, the star—who rapidly became a teen sensation when she first debuted as a triple threat, acting, dancing and singing on Disney’s Camp Rock—took over the Molson Canadian Ampitheatre for her 2012 summer concert with special guests Hot Chelle Rae.

“For a while I was calling Toronto my second home and I still feel like it kind of is,” says the 19-year-old, who filmed both Camp Rock films here.

Rocking a new look of blonde hair dip dyed in pink, wearing red leather shorts, black tights and a sultry bodysuit, Demi’s personality not only shined through the ensemble she wore during the whole concert, but through the passion in each song she sang.

From strumming some strings on the guitar, to playing the piano, to showing off dance moves—Demi reminded everyone just how talented she is.

She sang older, head-banging worthy songs such as “La La Land” and “Get Back” with such power, making the high notes she hit seem like a walk in the park.

Of course she also treated fans to her newer singles from her most recent album Unbroken like “Mistake” and even covered Lil Wayne’s “How To Love,” and Chris Brown’s “Turn Up The Music.”

It was a concert full of emotions for both Demi and for the screaming fans in the audience, most who were seeing their role model for the first time.

Demi took breaks from her singing to thank and appreciate the crowd, even reading fan-made signs as far as her eyesight would let her see.

One bright pink poster read “I say strong because of you Demi” and it evidently hit home for the star, triggering an emotional speech on how the fans helped get her through her struggle with bulimia and self-harming issues.

“What you guys don’t realize is that because you were there for me when I was in treatment, you helped me stay strong,” she says sitting at a grand piano, before playing her heartrending hit “Skyscraper.”

Her performance proved that she’s not only ready to let go of her past, but face the future with utter confidence as she sheds her teenage skin.  As a judge on the American version of X Factor, Demi is on the right track for moving forward.

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Video montage from the concert:

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The One Direction VIP Concert Experience

So I just got home from the One Direction concert and it was honestly the most amazing concert of my life. That may not be saying much when you realize I’ve only been to three others before this, but I can’t imagine anything going more perfect than it did today. I am truly blessed.

My sister (left) and I (right) waiting for sound check to begin, not knowing what was in store for us that day!

My sister (left) and I (right) waiting for sound check to begin, not knowing what was in store for us that day!

Where to begin? Sound check of course. One of the biggest perks of our $250 VIP package was being able to attend sound check. For us regular VIP folk, unlike Ultimate VIP, we were told that seating for sound check would be based on first come first serve, so we went fairly early and arrived at the venue for 12:30pm as opposed to the meet time of 2:45pm. After waiting in a gated area in the middle of a mob full of other fans, they finally let us through and after receiving our awesome VIP laminate and tickets, were led to the Molson bridge to wait. While waiting, the tour guide raffled off some prizes which was very mediocre compared to watching Eleanor and Louis drive by in a taxi, Louis then walking backstage, and coming out onto the balcony, with Eleanor leaving the venue in the same taxi.

Then it was a race to finish as we all ran to our seats once they finally gave us the go to. We miraculously got the first row! There was nothing more exciting, nothing that got your heart pumping so fast that you wanted to pinch yourself to make sure what you were seeing was real when the five boys appeared on stage. Soooooooooo close. I honestly was in shock at the fact that they were standing right in front of me. Dressed casually with no hair (Zayn’s was flat) and no make up (Harry’s acne was visible) done, the boys were at their most comfortable and natural state.

When you thought it couldn’t get better than being front row during their private sound check…it did. I brought along two t-shirts to throw on stage for the boys. Both were red graphic T’s that said “I’m A Big Deal In Canada Eh!”.

(I actually had four t-shirts, the other two said “The Eh Team” but my sister blindly gave them to security when they searched us because they told her “anything for boys give to us and we will give it to them” but they obviously didn’t want fans throwing items at them. I was smart and said, “No I have nothing for the boys, these shirts are mine.” But she felt up the nicely wrapped t-shirts which were rolled and tied with a ribbon, and felt my cards/letters which I had to take out.)

Anyways, I managed to throw the first “I’m A Big Deal In Canada Eh!” shirt and it hit Zayn’s legs (who was on our side (the right) of the stage most of the time. He picked it up, read it, laughed and showed his fellow band members along with the audience!!! Then he gave it to Paul to give back to us (don’t know why, it was meant for him to keep) so Paul called out saying “Who’s is this?” Me and my sis obviously raised our hands but apparently so did girls behind us and he threw it to them. Zayn apparently saw this and got mad at Paul! Saying “Paul! No it was THEM who gave it to me!” pointing at me and my sister!! But Paul didn’t hear so he just let it be. (Note: my sister later confronted the girl who took the shirt and she surprisingly and kindly gave it back to us! So yes, I have in my possession the t-shirt that Zayn Malik touched, held and placed on his body)

The boys sang two songs and then it was time for questions. Boom! Things just got more surreal as I was chosen to be the first person to ask a question! It came out of nowhere. All I remember is everyone screaming and raising their hands to be picked to ask the boys a question. I kind of just stood there with a unsure look on my face and my hand half raised with not as much enthusiam as most around me. Yet our VIP host “Stix” came out of nowhere, patted me on the shoulder, and handed me the microphone. I kind of just stood there like “What the heck is happening?!” Fans were still talking and the band came to the edge of the stage to sit and answer questions. Then everyone sat down and I was left standing with the mic, so I pulled my (#1 fan) sister up beside me and whispered violently to her: THINK OF A QUESTION! WHAT SHOULD I SAY! She was just as flustered being put on the spot, so I just threw the microphone in her hands, and what she blurted out was “What is your next album going to be called and when is it going to come out?” Nice one right? LOL Google could have answered that. The boys were all like, “Uhhhhh we don’t have a name but it’s coming out at the end of the year.” The crowd then screamed and cheered, but they would have done so if one of the boys simply said, “eggs.”

Great opportunity we had there, didn’t really make the best use of it, but so grateful to have had it! When we asked the question the boys looked right at us, and talked directly to us!

Then while the boys were leaving the stage I threw my second and last red t-shirt in hopes of one of boys not only catching it but keeping it! And my wish was granted when the shirt hit Harry’s knees and he picked it up, looked at it, laughed and threw it over his shoulder taking it with him!

Harry and our red “I’m A Big Deal In Canada Eh!” shirt that he took with him.

Could it really get any better? The answer is yes!

We were left speechless and in awe after sound check. I would have been happy to go home right then and there. But the entire concert itself was still waiting for us! After getting our VIP swag bags (which was a 1D string bag, a poster, buttons and a tee), we grabbed some overpriced food (pizza for the sis, fries for me), paid $4.25 for water in a plastic cup (we wanted a bottle, but the band requested that all drinks be poured into cups, obviously they’re sick of bottles being thrown at them).

This is the exclusive merchandise we got with our VIP package.

We made some awesome friends along the way which helped to pass the hour or so we had to kill while stuck in the VIP waiting area. We weren’t allowed to leave until doors for the public opened at 6:30pm.

Once that time came we went through the pubic walkway and were greeted by an array of free stuff (glow sticks, Wonka candy, magazines etc.). Finally reaching the end after moving through the slow tide of people, we went to search out our seats. We had tickets for section 103, row E, seats 11 and 12. At first I was excited that we had the fifth row (if going alphabetically), then I was disappointed that we had section 103 which was one of the side and not 102 the middle.  But then I was excited again when someone told me row E for that side section is actually the first row! And when we actually went to our seats and saw them, I couldn’t help but be ecstatic because it was a perfect view!!! We were angled towards the middle of the stage with no one in front of us.

But of course it had to get better, right? Right.

So right in front of us was a platform and two security guards beside it. What’s so awesome about that? That’s where the boys jumped onto for fan interaction!!!! Yes Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall were all centimeters away from me when I ran up to that platform and I was able to touch their hands! You couldn’t get closer to the boys than this, it was unreal! I could see every little detail of their faces and even made eye contact with the boys! It felt like my own private concert.

What else could happen to make this already seemingly perfect experience even better?

Some fan threw a Canada hat at Harry and he wore it for a bit of a song, then he laughed and threw it back into the audience and I happened to catch it!! (So yes in my possession is not only a shirt held by Zayn Malik, but a hat worn by Harry Styles! We checked, and no, there are no curly pieces of hair inside the hat).

Also, as a bonus we were fortunate enough to have the great Paul Higgins (directioners will immediately recognize this name, but for others he is the head of security and manager for the boy band) stand right in front of us, beside that glorious platform, during most of the show.

I wish this post could fully describe the experience, but it honestly can’t. Hopefully the memories and images in my head will be there for a long, long time.

Best. Day. Evaaaaaa
Fangirling done.

- @Naomi_ML

For a full gallery of photos from the concert visit 

The Maine’s Pioneer World Tour

Those passing by Sherbourne Street at around 6PM on Wednesday, May 9 were probably shocked, alarmed, curious or all of the above when they saw the huge line-up of people going down the street. The large group, of mostly teenage girls, were all waiting (some since 11:00 that morning) for the American rock band, hailing from Tempe Arizona, The Maine.

Standing in line, in the the pouring rain, however was comfortable compared to what was to come when actually inside The Phoenix Concert Theatre during the concert. But what can you expect, it can’t be a rock concert without a mosh pit! And if you don’t see the association between a rock concert and mosh pit, well then the general admission tickets should have given it away.

Finally 7PM came and the doors opened with security waiting to check bags and IDs (for those 19 and older who were given a bright yellow wristband so they could drink freely).

As soon as you entered the venue, coat check greeted you and took your baggage for a small price of $2.50. Then you could move on to the merch room where t-shirts sold for $25-$30 along with other awesome goodies like bracelets, posters and the bands CD for only $5! Also for sale were opening act Lydia’s band merch!

Members of The Maine Kennedy Brock and Jared Monaco came on stage with their good friend to play a few acoustic songs before Lydiaan indie rock band also from Arizona took over the stage. Notably missing was Canadian band Arkells who tweeted that they would not be playing in the Toronto and Montreal shows of the Pioneer tour. (Probably getting in some family/friends time while in their home country?)

Lydia did an awesome job pumping up the crowd. Both those who knew of them before and those who have never heard their music couldn’t help but fall in love. Lead singer Leighton Antelman’s voice is such a unique one.

As the band left the stage to make way for the act everyone was waiting for, the crowd grew more intense. Many pushes, shoves, and even some [hair] pulls occurred as die-hard fans were ready to fight till the finish to get as close to the stage as possible.

Of course once the band began to play, the last thing that was going through fans’ minds was how hot, sweaty, squished and claustrophobic they felt. With old favourites such as Into Your Arms to fresh hits off their new album (It isn’t called the Pioneer tour for no reason folks) like My Heroine and Misery, hands couldn’t help but pump up and feet couldn’t resist jumping up and down. Pat Kirch andGarrett Nickelsen‘s head banging was contagious. (And I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know the brand of shampoo they use for their long luscious locks of hair!)

One of the best things the fans were treated to was a cover of The Beatles song “With A Little Help from my Friends” in which Lydia was also brought on stage. The bands showed off their dance moves and limbo skills. (We’re sure you’ve all been wondering how low they can go).

This is the second time that The Maine has stepped into the Phoenix Concert Theatre for a show, and like the year before, lead singer John O’ Callaghan performed the same stunt (that sure put a worried look on the tough and buff security guards’ faces) as he climbed up onto a ledge during Inside of You.

He even jumped into the crowed and passed along Chlamydia (as he jokingly said) to those who touched him against his request.

The Maine ended their awesome set list with Don’t Give Up On Us bringing the concert to a close at around 11:15PM.

The overall concert was one that lived up to it’s rock and roll standards. Though fans risked loosing a body part and left with at least one bruise, many if not all would say it was worth it. The band itself appreciated all that we stuck through, with John O repeatedly saying “thank you” and telling the crowd that Toronto was one of the best concerts thus far.

Don’t believe me?
Check out the band’s tweets that they posted right after the show, tweets that I might add have not been said about other tour stops.

It’s safe to say that The Maine’s stop in Toronto for their 2012 Pioneer tour is one that both the fans and the band will forever remember…or at least won’t easily forget.

Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran in concert

On April 18, 2012 Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran played their second concert in Toronto as part of Snow Patrol’s North American tour. It was held in the historic Massey Hall, and fans of both the alternative rock band and British singer-songwriter eagerly filled their seats once the doors opened at 7PM.

Soon 8pm arrived and the show started, equipped with just a microphone and a guitar, Ed Sheeran finally walked on stage. The red head, dressed casually in jeans and a green t-shirt couldn’t help but smile once deafening screams took over the venue at the sight of the famous red head.

He opened with the sweet melody of Give Me Love, interacting a lot with the audience. The lucky ones who got front row seats and were allowed to gather at the very edge of the stage even had the chance to sing into the microphone he pointed at them!

But of course, all good things must come to an end, and soon Ed’s time was up. He did leave the audience with the fact that he will be returning to Toronto in September for his very own headlining tour.

Next up: Snow Patrol whose 13 track setlist included: Hands Open, Take Back the City, Crack the Shutters Open, Run, In the End, Set the Fire to the Third Bar, Make this go on Forever, Shut your Eyes, Chasing Cars, Chocolate, Called Out in the Dark, Fallen Empires and You’re All I have.

Snow Patrol was very interactive with their audience, whether it was through igniting a conversation with someone specific in the crowd or giving the audience the okay to use video recording devices and flash photography that the venue did not permit.

“They say you can’t record video and take pictures with flash. But I say do what you want! You’re in my house, and I’m telling you to do whatever you want” Lightbody said to the laughing crowd.

And for those Ed Sheeran fans who thought they had seen the last of the red head with his closing song Lego House, were treated when Gary called him back on stage to sing Newyork together.

In edition to the concert, Ed Sheeran came out for a Meet and Greet and autograph signing after his surprise duet with Snow Patrol, for fans brave enough to withstand the chilly weather.

When asked during the signing how he feels about the concert?
“I loved it, and I love Canada. Can’t wait to be back here in September.”