British band Lawson makes its first visit to Toronto

On Saturday, February 3 I caught British boy band Lawson’s first concert in Toronto at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club. The four-piece pop-band made their way across the pond for a short and sweet North American tour, playing just three shows including LA and New York. There was a great turnout and a lot of “geese” (the term their die-hard fans have deemed themselves) who showed up, ready to scream, dance and cheer! The day before on Friday I was fortunate enough to interview the swoon worthy boys, who I admit, I could’ve listened to talk all day (I’ve got a weakness for British accents). So look out for that interview soon!

In the meantime here is the concert review I wrote for, some great shots I was able to capture from the concert as well as two awesome videos:

Lawson leaves a lasting impression after first North American tour
By Naomi Leanage

North America has been welcoming the British invasion with open arms, so it was no surprise that the Virgin Mobile Mod Club was packed on Saturday, February 2 for Lawson’s first concert in Toronto.

After two sold out shows in LA and New York, the four-piece pop-rock band was ready to bring it all for the final show of their mini North American tour. Andy, Adam, Joel and Ryan walked onto the stage to be greeted by deafening screams.

There were no fancy outfits, or over the top lights—Lawson was simply equipped with their musical instruments and powerful vocals.

Playing fan favourites like “Learn To Love Again” and “When She Was Mine” they demonstrated just how talented they are.

Together the four boys owned stage, and not one member was left overshadowed. Though Andy’s vocals were the focus of many songs, the spotlight turned to his band members at all the right moments, giving Joel and Ryan the chance to show off stellar guitar riffs and Adam an impressive drum solo. These electric instrumentals proved that Lawson is not another pop boy band from across the pond.

The audience was treated to covers of Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” and Adele’s “Hometown Glory”, as the band added their own flare to the usually slow and acoustic tracks. Hands flew in the air and screams took over the building when Lawson covered Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”, playfully changing up the lyrics when appropriate to “I swear I won’t behave”, “But Toronto I don’t give a shit” and “Moves Like Lawson”.

Lawson was all about interacting with the audience, encouraging them to dance, clap and even pointing the microphone towards a few lucky audience members for them to sing a verse. The band even made the kind gesture to sing “Happy Birthday” with the audience to one lucky member who was celebrating theirs that night.

It wasn’t only the audience having fun, but the band as well, whose smiles hardly left their faces. It was clear that all four members were not only appreciative but in awe of this show they shared with Toronto fans.

“It means the world to come all the way from London to here, and we promise to come back, we love it here!” Andy said.

Repeatedly saying that this was one of their best gigs ever, the boys even took to twitter to post this claim for their thousands of followers all over the world.

After bidding farewell, the lights dimmed down and the band walked off, much to the dismay of the audience. But the crowd wasn’t done with Lawson and screamed for more chanting the band’s name over and over again until the boys finally reemerged onstage for an encore of two songs, beginning with “Make It Happen”.

Closing a show that left many girls breathless after screaming, chanting and singing along to “Standing in the Dark”, Lawson reminded the audience that beyond their good looks and adorable accents, they really know how to rock.







Highlights of the night:
The band covering Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”! *swoons*

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, they also cover Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”!

Faze Magazine Issue 48: Ed Sheeran and Munro Chambers

The latest of Faze will be out next month. In the meantime, here’s a look at the awesome cover with the one and only Ed Sheeran. It’s only fitting that he’s wearing plaid for his first Canadian cover. 😉  

Also, here’s my story on Degrassi’s Munro Chambers, which is included in the issue. He was a cool guy to interview. Hilarious, honest and extremely down-to-earth. Read about his journey as an actor, and his relationship with his twin…yes, identical twin brother!

Make sure you pick up a copy of the issue (available in Canada at Chapters and Indigo or online at for more great interviews (including a lengthy and detailed exclusive with Ed), contests, fashion and more.


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My Ed Sheeran filled day: photo shoot and concert

It’s my last day as a teenager, and what better way to spend it than with one of the most popular, most talented singer-songwriter’s of our generation?

Thanks to Faze Magazine and my sister’s strong will to get concert tickets, I was able to do just that.

My day started off with a trip to the Eaton Centre with my sister, before Faze’s cover shoot with Ed, which we were fortunate enough to attend! While wasting time, aimlessly walking around and window shopping like the broke college students we both are, I decided to go on a search for the perfect present for Ed. After entering many stores, leaving empty handed and having a long debate with myself over whether to buy him that glass from Urban Outfitters that says Canada with a weed plant on it or not…I finally walked into Bluenotes and layed eyes on the perfect gift: a red graphic t-shirt with the words “The Eh Team” printed on it along with a maple leaf. Couldn’t have gotten better than that. So of course I bought the shirt and another Canada tee, went to Indigo to find a card (ended up buying one with a cat in hipster glasses), and was off to the photo shoot!

The shoot was held inside Stylexchange, there was photographer who set up, and the Faze team ready and waiting. Soon Ed came in (late, but better than never) with his posse. Though our stylist had some great outfits picked out, Ed preferred to keep his shoes and pants on, choosing to only wear the selected tops (a plaid button up shirt, and a black jacket). He rocked them both well for the camera. He was so shy, and you could see how laid back he is! After the photo shoot, he sat down to do an interview for Faze TV. He answered some questions like what he was like in Grade 8, Why he named his album + (“Well I wouldn’t have wanted to name it album or greatest hits”), what his next album may be called (“how about – “), and what his tattoos meant (“I got a maple leaf because I love Canada). He was actually the funniest and most sarcastic guy!

Then we gave Ed his parting gifts (after grabbing pictures with him and getting autographs of course) Faze gave him the plaid shirt he wore during some of the shoot, which he loved so much he didn’t take it off and sported it during his interview on MuchMusic’s New.Music.Live later that evening. Stylexchange gave him the black jacket, and my sister gave him a stuffed TY beanie baby penguin. Which he absolutely adored. As soon as he got it, the biggest smile came on his face, and he immediately showed it to his whole management team, he then cuddled it and gave my sister the biggest hug. It was my turn to give him my two shirts. As soon as he took out the “Eh Team” shirt, he laughed. I said, “You don’t have it already do you? I feel like a fan would’ve already given it to you!”. He smiled and said, “No, I’m going to wear it tonight!” in that awesome British accent. Him and his team then proceeded to exit the store and mall through the secretive and hidden back exits. (So there was no way any fans would have been able to spot him in the mall :( Sorry!)

(Note: pictures of Ed from the photo shoot will be posted here, after the issue is published!)

After filling our groaning stomachs with a delish poutine from New York Fries, and sitting in the food court waiting for “itis” to disappear we finally headed out to our next Ed-destination: Echo Beach at the Molson Flats. We arrived at the venue for approx. 5pm to be greeted by a huge (and when I say huge, I mean hundreds and hundreds of fans) line. Luckily, my friend’s sister had been there since 11 a.m. so we joined her. (Now before you start snapping on how it’s unfair to bud the line, keep in mind that so many other girls were doing the same thing, and that eventually we left the line anyways). Doors opened at 7PM and it was like a mob of crazy shoppers waiting outside of Walmart on Black Friday/Boxing Day! Crazy! Eventually we got inside, and while my sister braved the mosh pit that is the General Admission area, I went straight to VIP (a higher leveled unobstructed view).

Passenger opened up the show with his sweet melodic tunes and that unique voice of his.

The moment Ed walked on stage, I couldn’t help but scream, not just because of my excitement for the concert to start but because he was wearing the shirt I gave him! He kept to his word!

He told the audience that this was his largest show in North America to date, which of course resulted in deafening screams. And the thing I love about Ed, is that he doesn’t like those screams. Many times throughout the concert he would tell the audience to “shush” and “be quiet” for some of his songs, which allowed you to concentrate and hear just his sweet sweet voice. Instead, he encouraged the audience to be his gospel choir (either repeating lyrics after him, or taking control and singing a chorus while he smiled and listened). It was an extremely interactive concert, which made the experience that much better.

Someone in the audience who was lucky enough to be in the front screamed that it was their birthday, so Ed sang “Happy Birthday” to the crowd and then proceeded to wish anyone else who was celebrating a birthday a happy one too. It was two hours until my official birthday, so I definitely included myself. Um, best birthday present ever?

Then just as Ed’s buddies Snow Patrol brought him back on stage earlier this year when Ed was opening for them, he did the same for his own opening act and brought back Passenger to sing a lovely duet together.

After an 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours of a set, all good things came to an end as Ed closed the show and said goodbye–for now. Because apparently he’ll back early next year!

Of course I couldn’t leave without getting merch so I braved the crowd in front of the merchandise tents and managed to get a tour shirt ($35) and rubber wristband ($10). When I left the venue there were random people selling their own shirts, so I bought the cute black paw print one for $10 as well. The more Ed Sheeran swag, the better!

I’ll leave you off with this video of Ed singing live during the concert:

– @Naomi_ML

Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran in concert

On April 18, 2012 Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran played their second concert in Toronto as part of Snow Patrol’s North American tour. It was held in the historic Massey Hall, and fans of both the alternative rock band and British singer-songwriter eagerly filled their seats once the doors opened at 7PM.

Soon 8pm arrived and the show started, equipped with just a microphone and a guitar, Ed Sheeran finally walked on stage. The red head, dressed casually in jeans and a green t-shirt couldn’t help but smile once deafening screams took over the venue at the sight of the famous red head.

He opened with the sweet melody of Give Me Love, interacting a lot with the audience. The lucky ones who got front row seats and were allowed to gather at the very edge of the stage even had the chance to sing into the microphone he pointed at them!

But of course, all good things must come to an end, and soon Ed’s time was up. He did leave the audience with the fact that he will be returning to Toronto in September for his very own headlining tour.

Next up: Snow Patrol whose 13 track setlist included: Hands Open, Take Back the City, Crack the Shutters Open, Run, In the End, Set the Fire to the Third Bar, Make this go on Forever, Shut your Eyes, Chasing Cars, Chocolate, Called Out in the Dark, Fallen Empires and You’re All I have.

Snow Patrol was very interactive with their audience, whether it was through igniting a conversation with someone specific in the crowd or giving the audience the okay to use video recording devices and flash photography that the venue did not permit.

“They say you can’t record video and take pictures with flash. But I say do what you want! You’re in my house, and I’m telling you to do whatever you want” Lightbody said to the laughing crowd.

And for those Ed Sheeran fans who thought they had seen the last of the red head with his closing song Lego House, were treated when Gary called him back on stage to sing Newyork together.

In edition to the concert, Ed Sheeran came out for a Meet and Greet and autograph signing after his surprise duet with Snow Patrol, for fans brave enough to withstand the chilly weather.

When asked during the signing how he feels about the concert?
“I loved it, and I love Canada. Can’t wait to be back here in September.”