My 26 seconds of fame thanks to One Direction

At times I may pretend to hide it, but in reality I’m a loud and proud directioner.
So of course I broke out jumping and screaming when I saw this on One Direction’s official fan page this morning:

Why yes, that is my sister and I in that screenshot because that is my sister and I’s greeting video. Which was only supposed to be seen by the five (gorgeous) boys of One Direction and lucky winners of the Bring Me to 1D Golden ticket. But One Direction’s management chose our video (out of hundreds from countries all over the world) to be used as an example…so now 11 million people on facebook and my 500 facebook friends who I exposed this to have seen it.

19, 000 views later we’ve received so many comments on the video saying, “wow this is awesome” and “you girls are so lucky!” and man, does it feel admittedly good.

This wasn’t a contest and we receive no prize (other than extreme happiness), and we never thought our greetings video was special to begin with.

So yeah, is it pathetic that I claim this one of the “awesome” moments in my life? …Nah!

Well have a look at our greetings video yourself, and if you’re a directioner, you should make one too!