The Postgrad Life: Week 1


It’s been a month since I officially walked out of my university building for the last time and said goodbye to school. Though I have yet to cross that big fancy stage in front of my five family members and hundreds of strangers to receive my degree and diploma, it’s safe to say I am a post-secondary school graduate.

This is a huge transition in my life. I’m no longer able to call myself a student, instead, it’s up to me to work hard to find or even create a title that will define me (at least on LinkedIn and social media). And so as I go through these summer months as a post-grad, I thought I’d write a weekly post about what I did, learned and discovered during this confusing, unpredictable time in my life.

Spending your free time doing absolutely nothing is okay.

“You’re wasting your life away,” says my mom as she stops at the edge of my door, a door she opened without knocking by the way. I suppose if you were her or anyone else looking in from the outside, it would appear that way. You can barely tell the colour of my carpet as it struggles for air underneath layers of clothing, dozens of magazines, scrunched up shopping bags, a bunch of cables and chargers and…oh right, that’s where I kept my lunch from two days ago. I am seated at my desk,  which is suffering the same fate as my floor. Though I’m surrounded by chaos, the life I’m living out on my laptop is well-planned, organized and perfect. My Sim was just recently promoted and can finally afford that new Margaret Vaguester car. I popped open pandora’s box, I mean the CD, at 11:30 on Monday morning and the next thing I knew it was 1am…on Wednesday.

So from my mom’s point of view, I spent a week avoiding reality such as that of cleaning my room, and instead spent countless hours creating the perfect life for my Sim, instead of doing things expected of post grads like looking for a full-time job.

But for me, this was a week of freedom. A week that took me back to my summers in elementary school where I would have no worries and endless days to just sit back, do nothing and enjoy myself. I had fun, my Sim certainly had fun. But don’t worry, I promise this won’t be my schedule for the rest of the summer. In fact, I’ve decided to eject The Sims 3 and tuck it away safely for the time being. Next week, I just may start that dreaded job search…or not.


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