Q&A with Faber Drive

Today I interviewed two members from the Canadian pop rock band Faber Drive. (Dave Faber and Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle). A feature piece on them will be in the Fall issue of Faze Magazine.

Read the full interview below:

So Lost In Paradise is your first studio album in three years, what have you been up to during that time?
Faber: Well we went on tour for Can’t Keep a Secret across Canada, and then we’ve been working on this new album Lost in Paradise which just came out out on iTunes and worldwide which is cool. I think we spent almost two years writing that album and we wrote over 60 songs in L.A., Vancouver and Toronto, doing a lot of collaborations with a lot of people. We worked with a bunch of guys; Shawn Desmand, Reem Mega, the boys from Simple Plan, and one of our good buddies Jeff Johnson out in Vancouver. So that’s what we’ve been working on and the album just came out so we’re excited about that.

We saw a transition in your music style, from your Seven Second Surgery album to the 2009 one, will you be staying with this sound for this new album, or did you adapt a new sound would you say?
Faber : I think our first single, “Candy Store” is a quite a bit of a departure from everything for us. It’s a little bit more Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, chilling on a beach acoustic type vibe, and we are just big fans of music. We love all types of music; we love anything from Metallica to U2, to the Beatles, we’re fans of everything all the way up to Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. We love the band FUN as well. We love country music; actually it’s funny because our guitar player JP, his dad is a famous country guy, his name is Erin Pichett, check him out. He’s a really good country guy. Yeah, we’re fans of all kind of music.

The lyric video for Candy Store is a really neat concept where you got fans to send in their own videos. Where did you guys get that idea from?
 Faber: we got it from this guy over here. With the hair.
Krikit: Yeah, I was just driving my car one day and trying to think about through social media and stuff how it really opens up your reach as a band. So now we have fans from all over the world who will probably never have the chance to be in a Faber Drive video so it’s just an idea that we had, you know, why not send out the word and let these fans send in pictures of themselves holding signs that they made with the lyrics to the song and just take them and animate them all together so that it goes throughout the course of the sound.

Nice, so you had a great response from that right? From all around the world?
K: Yeah we ended up getting in over 500 pictures sent in.

Do you have plans to create a full music video soon for any of your singles?
 F: Yeah we just did a video for Candy Store and it features Phoebe from MuchMusic and a guy named Dash who’s awesome. He’s kind of the main the dude in the video, and we shot that maybe a week ago.

What are your plans for the future?
F: We definitely want to tour across Canada, throughout the world. Right now, Candy Store is blowing up in Indonesia of all places, which is actually kind of cool, because I’m partially Indonesian, like 1/16th. We’re hoping to tour in Indonesia. We’ve got a record in South Africa, hopefully going to tour over there. Maybe the States, the UK, bunch of places.

If there was one artist or one group that you could tour with, who would it be any why?
F: I would love to tour with U2 but I don’t know if that would match so well. U2 is my all time favourite band. The boys of Hedley are always fun to tour with. Who would you like to tour with Krik?
K: I like Green Day, amazing band to tour with. I’ve been a fan of them since I was about 12-years-old.

Where do you find your inspiration for writing songs and creating music?

F: Just day-to-day life, things that happen to us whether it’s relationships or just feeling good or feeling frustrated. The song Too Little Too Late is kind of about people talking down to you, and you’re just working your best, doing your best and you believe in yourself. And I think that’s a big thing, a lot of people let other people take them down, I think that God believes in us and we need to believe in ourselves and we can go a long way if we don’t let “haters” take us down.

Make sure you grab a copy of Lost in Paradise, and check out Faber Drive’s latest music video for Candy Store Ft. Ish: