Her Campus Intercollegiate Conference 2013 – NYC

What’s better than a weekend in New York City spent with motivated, hardworking college girls from across North America at a Her Campus Collegiate Conference with a panel of top media professionals? Nothing much.

That’s why I highly reccommend any of you in the NYC area, or those able to travel to attend this amazing opportunity taking place July 27 and 28. I made the decision to do so, and though my wallet may be hurting (curse expensive flights!), I know I’m in for an amazing and inspiring time.

So what exactly does this conference consist of?

-Amazing panels and workshops (as a budding journalist I’m extremely excited for ones like “Climbing the ladder: Journalism Jobs Later On”, however there are tons to choose from that appeal to all interests from PR to book publishing).
-Unbelievable guest speakers (publisher of Teen Vogue anyone?!)
-Free goody bags, fun braid bars, Chipotle and more!

The conference will include panels and workshops on:

Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?: Life As An Entry Level Magazine Editor

Well Read: Opportunities in the Book Publishing World

Jobs in Marketing & PR: How To Break In

A Collegiette’s Guide to Freelancing

How to Make Your Start-up a Success: Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories

Climbing the Ladder: Journalism Jobs Later On

How To Be Your Own Best Publicist

A Collegiette’s Guide to Negotiating & Getting What You Want at Work

Church and State: What It’s Like To Work on the Business Side of Magazines

How to Make Your Blog a Powerhouse

Resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, workshops on how to negotiate your job offer, personal branding, and more

With speakers from: Teen Vogue, Glamour, Seventeen, SELF, Lucky, Cosmopolitan…and many more!

Make sure you register now, the conference costs the unbelievable price of $20-$30, depending on which day you go.

The Saturday July 27 Conference is for Her Campus team members only.  Registerhere.

The Sunday July 28 Conference is for Her Campus team members & readers.  Registerhere.

Hope you see you guys there!


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Christian Louboutin graces Toronto with his presence

I’ve only been at my new internship for about three weeks and from what I heard from another intern who was finishing up her placement, not a lot of cool opportunities are given to us kids who work for free. So you can imagine my surprise (wide eyed and open mouthed) when my editor asked me to cover an exclusive fashion event in Toronto. A Christian Louboutin fashion event. Oh, and he was going to be there.
The inner fashionista in me squealed with excitement, I was going to see and possibly meet the legend himself! And so I went, I saw, I conquered. And I have pictures for all of you to see! (Btw, unfortunately free red-soled shoes were not given to those in attendance). Read my full article on the event and find out why Louboutin was in Toronto in the first place here.

IMG_0070 IMG_0110 IMG_0150 IMG_0164 IMG_0170 IMG_0173 IMG_0197 IMG_0209 IMG_0244 IMG_0248 IMG_01011 IMG_01311

Another day, another dollar…oh wait, I’m just an intern.

Ah. The life of the unpaid intern. It’s been discussed, criticized and argued about by many people on many different websites and blogs.

And this summer I’ll be experiencing it in all it’s glory. Yes that Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 work grind. So stay tuned for updates on how it goes!

Also, there’s a life-size Sully in our board room, so that’s pretty awesome.

Picture 98

Interview with Fall Out Boy and your chance to win a signed CD!

If I was my 13-year-old self today, I would probably have passed out from excitement. I would’ve had no voice, because I lost it screaming at the top of my lungs. My eyes would’ve been wide open and staring in disbelief. Sweat may have been beginning to drip from my forehead, and my hands would be shaking uncontrollably.

Why, you ask?

Well I’m interviewing Fall Out Boy of course. And thank goodness I stayed as my polite, professional and fan-girl-free 20-year-old self while talking to Pete Wentz (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Andy Hurley (drummer) of the rock band. I even had the chance to chat with Patrick Stump (lead singer) who was extremely nice (and short!).



While the interview won’t be out soon, you can expect it in the back-to-school issue of Faze Magazine, I thought now is as good a time as any to host a giveaway and give you awesome readers a chance to win one of two SIGNED Fall Out Boy CDs (signed by Patrick, Pete and Andy, Joe was unavailable).

fobThere are two different ways to enter for the two different CDs. Contest is open worldwide, and it’s one entry per person per CD. Contest closes June 25, 2013, winner will be notified on June 26. Good Luck!

Contest Entry 1 to win a signed copy of “Save Rock and Roll”:

Contest Entry 2 to win a signed copy of “From Under The Cork Tree”: